Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 10. dubna 2024

00:49:40 DNÉ Reality Swallows Pusheen Cats
00:47:18 SNOW THA PRODUCT Bájala ft. Santa Fe Klan
00:45:06 TANNA LEONE Lucky
00:41:36 CASSIUS Don't Let Me Be feat. Owlle
00:39:18 SORRY More
00:34:41 MURA MASA Teenage Headache Dreams feat. Ellie Rowsell
00:30:48 JENNY HVAL Accident ft. Laura Jean
00:26:16 UNDERSCORES Cops And Robbers
00:20:18 TERRA & KEWU Sugar
00:14:49 GRIMES We Appreciate Power
00:11:59 BAT FOR LASHES Jasmine
00:09:03 HISSING FAUNA My Dad Lives Alone
00:02:09 SLEAFORD MODS Mork N Mindy ft. Billy Nomates