Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 25. března 2023

02:58:23 B BOYS Pressure Inside
02:54:49 FOOL'S GOLD Street Clothes
02:49:14 MOON DIAGRAMS End Of Heartache
02:47:40 SNOW THA PRODUCT Bájala ft. Santa Fe Klan
02:44:06 RAE SREMMURD Look Alive
02:40:58 LAUNDERED SYRUP Edge Of The World
02:39:24 SNARLS Walk in the Woods
02:33:50 THE RUBY SUNS Kingfisher Call Me
02:30:15 ZURI MARLEY Beg For It
02:26:41 TRICKY Nothing's Changed ft. Francesca Belmonte
02:22:17 CHIN UP CHIN UP This Harness Can´t Ride Anything
02:20:41 ZEA No Other Way
02:15:07 JAMIE WOON Night Air
02:09:06 WARPAINT Love Is To Die
02:08:02 THE STROKES All The Time
02:01:19 MODERAT A New Error
01:57:45 KHOIBA Stoke The Fire
01:52:11 KATE NV Sayonara
01:48:37 HOBO JOHNSON Typical Story
01:45:03 JME Man Don't Care ft. Giggs
01:41:28 DIE! DIE! DIE! Sideways, Here We Come
01:37:54 LOMELDA Wonder
01:34:20 BLOOD ORANGE You're Not Good Enough ft. Samantha Urbani
01:30:46 ANAKVER Phoenix
01:27:11 FEIST The Limit To Your Love
01:20:03 WASHED OUT Get Lost
01:16:03 NAOMI PILGRIM Rainmakers
01:11:51 FRANCES QUINLAN Your Reply
01:09:02 ISLANDS Wave Forms
01:04:36 BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD Happy With You
01:01:02 NEŘVI MI DO UCHA Song 33
00:55:53 THE MEN Open Your Heart
00:52:19 MAJICAL CLOUDZ Childhood´s End
00:48:45 VAGABON Water Me Down
00:45:11 KIKI HITOMI Nightwalkers
00:42:36 ROOTS MANUVA Don't Breathe Out
00:39:02 COURTNEY BARNETT How To Boil An Egg
00:35:28 52 HERTZ WHALE Thin Skin
00:31:54 MUX MOOL Night Court
00:26:20 BLONDE REDHEAD Here Sometimes
00:22:45 WILCO Hate It Here
00:19:37 SOFI TUKKER Original Sin
00:16:04 JIMMY PÉ Wacho (ft. Ashley Abrman)
00:11:37 IRON & WINE Tree By The River
00:08:03 ARCTIC MONKEYS Crying Lightning
00:04:28 LITTLE BOOTS Taste It
00:00:54 BEAT SPACEK Modern Streets