Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 25. ledna 2023

02:00:03 LET'S EAT GRANDMA It's Not Just Me
01:57:29 DAN SARTAIN Gun Vs Knife
01:50:21 LONEY DEAR Sum
01:46:36 ELLA VOS You Don't Know About Me
01:44:02 ROUILLEUX Lead Me
01:41:28 PI'ERRE BOURNE Yo Pi'erre ft. Playboi Carti
01:38:54 SWEARIN' Watered Down
01:35:20 BEE & FLOWER Waiting Room
01:31:45 PET SHOP BOYS What Are We Going To Do About The Rich
01:28:11 CARLA DAL FORNO No Trace
01:24:37 WHITE RABBITS The-Plot
01:21:03 AMERICAN WRESTLERS I Can Do No Wrong
01:17:10 S-TYPE NYE
01:13:36 NAO Girlfriend
01:11:02 TASMANIA KAMIKAZE White Princess
01:07:06 THE HOMESICK Kain
01:04:01 MY DRY WET MESS Words I Didn't
00:59:51 PANDA BEAR The Preakness
00:55:06 HAVE A NICE LIFE Sea of Worry
00:53:32 BLONDSHELL Veronica Mars
00:49:58 NOVÍ LIDÉ Istéria
00:45:23 TIERRA WHACK Only Child
00:41:45 MALIBU KEN Acid King
00:39:07 LA SERA Running Wild
00:33:33 HEN OGLEDD Trouble
00:29:58 JOHN LEGEND Made to Love
00:26:24 KEDR LIVANSKIY Ivan Kupala (New Day)
00:21:50 THE DODOS So Cold
00:18:12 TENNIS Origins
00:14:37 SMALL BLACK Duplex
00:12:03 BAT FOR LASHES Jasmine
00:07:57 GOODBYE, LABRADOR Silence Of Me
00:04:22 THE LIGHTNING SEEDS You Showed Me