Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 5. prosince 2022

23:59:16 SVE BLKNBL
23:55:07 CAUTIOUS CLAY Shook
23:52:02 SUPERORGANISM Everybody Wants To Be Famous
23:47:41 SUUNS 2020
23:44:20 SIBILLE ATTAR Come Night
23:41:33 CARAMELO Upps
23:38:36 CASHANOVA BULHAR Dlouhý noci ft. Nik Tendo
23:33:57 LADYTRON Seventeen
23:30:12 KRISTIN KONTROL X-Communicate
23:26:34 SHEER MAG What You Want
23:23:17 BALTHAZAR Losers
23:16:51 PEAKING LIGHTS I Can Read Your Mind
23:13:20 AZEALIA BANKS Ice Princess
23:08:55 SANTIGOLD Run The Road
23:06:10 LUCIUS Nothing Ordinary
23:03:09 ROLE MODEL forever&more
23:00:04 THE JAPANESE HOUSE Something Has to Change
22:56:43 INTERPOL Slow Hands
22:53:03 SKREAM Copy Cat ft. Kelis
22:49:37 WLW8 No Turning Back
22:45:33 NO JOY Everything New
22:40:58 KOOL KEITH Drugs (Switch remix)
22:37:09 MISSY ELLIOTT Get Ur Freak On
22:31:51 LAZER VIKING Bored In Jeans
22:27:58 CROOKED COLOURS Another Way
22:24:12 MODEST MOUSE We´ve Got Everything
22:20:41 LANA DEL REY Tulsa Jesus Freak
22:17:35 KUBATKO Tehdy
22:15:02 ALICE LONGYU GAO Karma Is A Witch
22:12:01 AURORA Giving In To The Love
22:08:48 EGYPTRIXX Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust)
22:05:15 SHY BOYS Dim The Light
22:02:16 NVMERI Art Of The Trial
20:56:43 BRIGHTER DAYS Times I Felt Your Presence
20:50:57 AMELINE Stormy Day
20:44:11 KAIRTHERIS Golden Hearts
20:36:03 WRECKBERRIES Goodbye Mr. Conspiracy
20:27:02 RIVERMONS Estuary
20:15:55 JOHYK Unwilling Necessity
20:04:49 CHAOSCAROOL Window
18:54:23 RAE MORRIS Do You Even Know?
18:50:40 SONDRE LERCHE You Are Not Who I Thought I Was
18:37:02 SLEAFORD MODS Face to Faces
18:22:39 BEACH BABY No Mind No Money
18:09:55 SAINt JHN Just For Me ft. SZA
17:56:09 PA SALIEU Bad ft. Aitch
17:52:10 AIR FRANCE June Evenings
17:49:33 SMERZ Oh My My
17:45:54 PRINCESS NOKIA Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)
17:41:44 ALYESKA Stones