Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 14. listopadu 2022

23:56:03 MIGUEL Simplethings
23:53:13 NEŘVI MI DO UCHA Song 27
23:50:55 MARJARI Cold Breeze
23:47:34 BUILT TO SPILL Aisle 13
23:44:24 TOMAS BARFOD Pulsing ft. Nina Kinert
23:35:25 D DOUBLE E Better Than The Rest ft. Wiley
23:31:46 GORILLAZ Cracker Island ft. Thundercat
23:29:23 UPSAHL Into My Body
23:26:54 PACINO Kraj
23:24:22 DREAMER BOY Best Of Me
23:19:40 PORTICO 101 ft. Joe Newman
23:16:29 KARI FAUX While God Was Sleepin' (Remix) ft. JID
23:12:46 THYLA Breathe
23:08:36 MOBY Extreme Ways (Bourne's Ultimatum)
23:04:34 JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW Planes in the Sky
23:00:55 HOLLY HUMBERSTONE The Walls Are Way Too Thin
22:57:54 SORRY As The Sun Sets
22:54:29 HIGH PLACES On Giving Up
22:51:28 ZEA No Other Way
22:47:57 THE BLACK KEYS Tighten Up
22:43:46 DOLDRUMS Anomaly
22:39:19 MISSY ELLIOTT Work It
22:36:42 VINCE STAPLES BagBak
22:33:45 AUDREY MIKA Chivalry
22:29:54 CALVIN HARRIS Slide ft. Frank Ocean & Migos
22:26:57 SLEIGH BELLS Tell Em´
22:23:42 HALF-ALIVE Everything Machine
22:19:55 CHARLOTTE CARDIN Phoenix
22:17:35 STELLA MWANGI Naughty
22:13:17 PEACHES Light In Places
22:10:20 THE VACCINES Post Break-Up Sex (Radio Edit Clean Version)
22:07:15 FROPLES Downstairs
22:02:13 ARCADE FIRE Everything Now
20:54:38 LINAKARO Do You Feel The Same
20:48:00 CARAMEL Amore Mio
20:40:42 AMELINE Stormy Day
20:31:40 BRIGHTER DAYS Times I Felt Your Presence
20:23:13 KYIOSHI Meeting
20:12:18 KAIRTHERIS Golden Hearts
20:03:51 NOISE FLOW Trapped In The Spiderweb
19:56:39 CHRIS LAKE In The Yuma (ft. Aatig)
19:42:59 TIWA SAVAGE, ASAKE Loaded
19:29:35 JULIA MICHAELS Sorry To Me Too
19:01:03 CRAZY P People (We Can Transform)
18:56:54 FELICIA TAKMAN Dansa fult
18:53:27 ROMY Lifetime
18:49:43 SANTIGOLD Banshee
18:33:49 KORALLREVEN As Young As Yesterday