Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 10. února 2022

08:55:15 PRINCESS NOKIA Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)
08:49:52 DANIEL T. Master Plan
08:42:02 AZEALIA BANKS Miss Amor
08:39:27 ICONA POP I Love It
08:36:15 THE JAPANESE HOUSE Something Has to Change
08:34:00 ROSALÍA Saoko
08:30:38 SCHOOLBOY Q Hands On the Wheel (feat. ASAP Rocky)
08:25:05 JAMILA WOODS VRY BLK ft. Noname
08:21:29 BERT AND FRIENDS Lambaláda
08:16:38 ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA Why Don´t You Just Call Me
08:12:58 BECK Dear Life
08:09:57 PEKING DUK Honest ft. Slayyyter
08:05:04 GLASS ANIMALS Tokyo Drifting ft. Denzel Curry
08:01:47 LAO RA Jesus Made Me Bad
07:57:19 TRENTEMOLLER River In Me ft. Jehnny Beth
07:53:37 VITALIC No More Sleep
07:49:51 JOEY VALENCE Double Jump ft. Brae
07:46:57 ANNET X Spicylicious
07:43:01 GORILLAZ Kids With Guns
07:40:52 FIEDLERSKI Roles ft. Annabelle
07:37:51 SNACKTHIEF Snaketeeth
07:34:27 THE ORB Toxygene
07:29:40 MOLCHAT DOMA Kletka
07:25:00 BATUK Call Me Naughty ft. Nandi Ndlovu
07:22:41 RICO NASTY Rage
07:20:23 SLOWTHAI Thoughts
07:16:52 POEMSS Gentle Mirror
07:13:24 JIMMY PÉ Wacho (ft. Ashley Abrman)
07:08:15 BUMFRANG3 Ve hvězdách
07:04:10 LUSH Out Of Control
06:57:22 THE RAPTURE How Deep Is Your Love
06:54:15 AB-SOUL The End is Near ft. Mac Miller
06:46:45 LAB ON FIRE Berlin Night
06:43:26 NADIA NAIR Blow
06:40:34 CLINIC Bubblegum
06:34:54 PRODIGY Smack My Bitch up
06:30:35 PANÁČIK Banán
06:27:26 MAI LAN Technique
06:23:14 BROCKHAMPTON Junky
06:19:44 DRYMAN & SOULCOX Get Wavey ft.Lady Shocker & Nasty Jack
06:15:48 NEW OPTIMISM Dr My-Ho
06:12:38 FUTURE ISLANDS Tin Man
06:08:16 FOTBAL Voodoo
05:59:45 PALE&COY Hibernate
05:55:03 PORTICO 101 ft. Joe Newman
05:50:44 CORONA Rhythm Of The Night
05:45:40 THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Juicy
05:42:26 TOFUBEATS Shoppingmall