Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 4. února 2022

23:58:23 LORDE Yellow Flicker Beat
23:55:22 HOLLY HUMBERSTONE Scarlett
23:50:52 FRESH OUT OF THE BUS Rats
23:47:08 GARBAGE Only Happy When It Rains
23:40:21 BANKS Gimme
23:37:18 GRACIE ABRAMS The Bottom
23:33:22 SEVDALIZA Hero
23:30:47 FLOHIO Sweet Flaws
23:27:25 JUNIOR BOYS Over It
23:24:22 DOROTHY Raise Hell
23:20:00 SNOOP DOGG Drop It Like It's Hot
23:15:20 FOALS Electric Bloom
23:12:08 ANITTA Girl From Rio
23:09:02 FALLULAH Social Club
23:04:00 ARCADE FIRE Everything Now
22:57:19 KATARZIA Svetlo
22:53:43 ELLIPHANT One More ft. MO
22:50:46 VENTOLIN Disco Science
22:47:18 HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF Hungry Ghost
22:44:07 STAKKA BO Great Blondino
22:40:09 LIL YACHTY Peek A Boo ft. Migos
22:36:43 JAMIE WOON Sharpness
22:33:38 KITTEN What Year Are We In
22:30:47 TEA SOFIA Honey and Silk
22:26:15 AZEALIA BANKS Miss Amor
22:22:21 WASHED OUT Get Lost
22:19:40 WAVVES King of the Beach
22:12:27 TRENTEMOLLER Never Stop Running ft. Jonny Pierce
22:09:10 DANNY L HARLE Broken Flowers
22:05:18 MERCHANDISE Lonesome Sound
22:03:02 DUKLA U Prioru (Kids)
21:59:06 MADDY JANE Drown It Out
21:56:35 ANNET X Hlavolamy
21:51:55 KOOL KEITH Drugs (Switch remix)
21:49:00 KITO Recap feat. VanJess & Channel Tres
21:45:44 FLESH WORLD The Wild Animals In My Life
21:41:46 AIR FRANCE June Evenings
21:39:07 BILEJ KLUK Watch Me Grind (feat. Bloodflow)
21:33:37 TOMAS BARFOD November Skies ft. Nina Kinert
21:31:06 BEST COAST Boyfriend
21:27:36 TORO Y MOI Girl Like You
21:25:49 IAMDDB Wa'hum
21:22:14 DANNY L HARLE Super Natural (ft. Carly Rae Jepsen)
21:18:36 CHEVEYO Summer Ease
21:15:09 NELLY FURTADO Turn Off The Light
21:11:34 BEASTIE BOYS Intergalactic
21:09:02 SHAED Part Time Psycho ft. Two Feet
21:05:15 ARDYN Help Me On My Way