Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 28. prosince 2020

02:58:19 DIVINE FITS My Love Is Real
02:55:10 CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG The Song That We Sing
02:50:17 CINDY Never Let Me Go
02:46:31 KID CUDI Day 'N' Nite (Nightmare)
02:42:52 JOEY BADASS Rockabye Baby ft. Schoolboy Q
02:38:58 CHILDHOOD Falls Away
02:35:24 HOLY MOTORS Endless Night
02:32:17 SAM HANDWICH Uuuuaaooo
02:29:49 REDDISH BLU When I Get Too Sad
02:25:53 DIIV Dopamine
02:21:04 PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. One Drop
02:17:08 VIZO Lazy Party
02:13:21 SLUMBERJACK Enigma ft. GRRL PAL
02:09:41 BUGMEN Ollie
02:06:11 ULTIMATE PAINTING Ultimate Painting
02:02:56 KITTENS OF THE INTERNET Living a Dream
01:58:58 THE RUBY SUNS Kingfisher Call Me
01:55:40 SAVAGES T.I.W.Y.G.
01:52:15 LOWELL I Love You Money
01:48:29 VIDEOS Not Talk
01:45:13 CARNAGE I Like Tuh ft. ILoveMakonnen
01:42:05 TEST ICICLES Circle. Square. Triangle
01:38:39 THE CLEANERS FROM VENUS Dolly Birds & Spies
01:33:45 YELLOW DAYS The Curse ft. Mac Demarco
01:29:47 SPORTING LIFE Court Vision feat. Evy Jane
01:26:15 ART BRUT Direct Hit
01:22:03 DEERHUNTER Death in Midsummer
01:16:59 WEVAL Gimme Some
01:14:08 SPACE LOVE Noc je klíč
01:09:48 WILCO You Never Know
01:06:40 THE GUN CLUB Moonlight Motel
01:03:09 WET All The Ways
00:59:39 POEMSS Gentle Mirror
00:55:43 BEACH BABY Sleeperhead
00:52:21 GAIKA & DEAN BLUNT R6 Remix (feat. Spragga Benz)
00:49:18 ANDREA BALENCY You've Never Been Alone
00:44:46 LAB ON FIRE Berlin Night
00:41:15 SOAK B A NoBody
00:37:25 PALMISTRY Water
00:33:17 JON HOPKINS We Disappear ft. Lulu James
00:30:10 FORT LEAN The Mall
00:24:35 JUNIP Line of Fire
00:21:18 MAHALIA No Pressure
00:16:51 ATREY Triumph
00:13:06 CAMP COPE The Opener
00:08:25 THE SHINS Phantom Limb
00:03:57 SON LUX You Don't Own Me (ft. Hanna Benn)
00:00:17 POPULOUS Fall ft. Cuushe