Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 22. října 2020

23:56:38 PETE SHELLEY Yesterday's Not Here
23:51:45 KID CUDI Pusuit of Happiness (feat. MGMT & Ratatat)
23:47:53 DESPOT House of Bricks
23:43:47 YOU'LL NEVER GET TO HEAVEN Beyond The Clouds
23:39:53 KAMIXLO Bloodless Y
23:37:18 TASMANIA KAMIKAZE White Princess
23:34:01 PURPLE MOUNTAINS That’s Just the Way That I Feel
23:30:43 GUIDO MÖBIUS All Around Me
23:25:57 MOON DIAGRAMS End Of Heartache
23:22:35 AVI BUFFALO So What
23:19:42 RICH KIDS Rich Kids
23:15:42 TOYOTA VANGELIS Krajina
23:13:00 ASAP ROCKY Palace
23:09:33 SUNFLOWER BEAN Easier Said
23:05:51 DINOSAUR JR. Over It
17:57:19 CYN Holy Roller
17:55:00 MARKET Spatial Design
17:51:00 CRYSTAL STILTS Radiant Door
17:43:31 TOM ASPAUL New Moon
17:39:29 ROBYN Ever Again
17:28:24 WEEZER Thank God For Girls
17:25:48 SAVAK What is Compassion
17:22:45 BEDOUINE Thirteen ft. Hooray For The Riff Raff & Waxahatchee
17:12:13 ROUILLEUX Lead Me
17:08:14 CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS La Marcheuse
16:57:15 HECTA Till Someone Gets Hurt
16:53:19 AURA Ideas
16:48:17 JULIAN COPE Planetary Sit-In
16:44:37 ICEAGE The Lord's Favorite
16:41:58 MATT BERRY Phantom Birds
16:33:46 BAT FOR LASHES In God's House
16:30:32 AMADOU AND MARIAM Bofou Safou
16:26:59 LANDLADY Dying Day
16:23:49 SOCCER MOMMY Your Dog
16:14:32 PET SHOP BOYS Dreamland ft. Years & Years
16:11:33 JMR Closer
16:08:27 SHITKID Farmboy
16:03:47 HAVE A NICE LIFE Sea of Worry
16:00:54 HISSING FAUNA You Are Going To Miss Me When I´m Gone
15:56:58 THE GO! TEAM The Scene Between
15:53:22 SLUM OF LEGS I Dream of Valves Exploding
15:49:00 VIRGINIA WING The Second Shift
15:46:27 PORCHES I Miss That
15:43:41 SHARON VAN ETTEN Serpents
15:38:53 DOUGLAS DARE New York
15:33:50 EVA01 Chitin
15:30:19 NAO Trophy ft. A. K. Paul
15:17:52 SHY BOYS Life Is Peachy