Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 17. října 2020

12:55:10 FAMILY OF THE YEAR Living on Love
12:49:24 ROMEO VOID Never Say Never
12:46:21 UNTIL THE RIBBON BREAKS Revolution Indifference ft. Run The Jewels
12:42:18 KANYE WEST Real Friends
12:39:24 JAM CITY Boundry
12:36:14 THE INTERNET Roll (Burbank Funk)
12:31:39 SÝČEK Rozcestí
12:27:05 HARKIN Decade
12:22:01 KORALLREVEN As Young As Yesterday
12:18:31 FANTASTIC MR. FOX You-Turn ft. Kid A
12:15:40 SPEEDY ORTIZ Tiger Tank
12:12:30 VAMPIRE WEEKEND Oxford Comma
12:10:29 FIEDLERSKI Roles ft. Annabelle
12:04:42 ZULA Not The Same
12:00:55 NADINE SHAH Holiday Destination
11:58:30 YO LA TENGO Well You Better
11:55:07 THE BLACK KEYS Strange Times
11:51:47 THE KVB Above Us
11:46:17 SOPHIA KENNEDY Build Me A House
11:44:02 MARKET Spatial Design
11:40:28 LIL UZI VERT Lo Mein
11:36:56 WHISTLER No One Is Buying
11:31:16 AMBER COFFMAN All To Myself
11:24:51 YELLOW DAYS The Curse ft. Mac Demarco
11:21:29 OTHA One Of The Girls
11:17:31 TOM DEMAC & REAL LIES White Flowers (edit)
11:13:25 JAY SOM I Think You're Alright
11:10:21 PHOEBE BRIDGES I See You
11:07:22 FENNE LILY Solipsism
11:03:45 SUPERORGANISM It's All Good
11:00:21 SOPHIE Immaterial
10:55:35 LCD SOUNDSYSTEM I Used To
10:52:27 MOLLY NILSSON Think Pink
10:47:09 GORILLAZ Aries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia)
10:39:18 FOOLK Automatic Happiness
10:35:54 CLARA LA SAN Who Said
10:31:11 THE GO! TEAM The Scene Between
10:28:29 RAT COLUMNS Someone Else's Dream
10:16:37 JOCKSTRAP Hayley
10:12:51 MARK PRITCHARD Give It Your Choir (ft. Bibio)
10:09:22 JÓNSI Salt Licorice ft. Robyn
10:04:25 DINOSAUR JR. I Want You To Know
10:01:03 SNARLS Walk in the Woods
09:56:57 OCEANATOR Afternoon
09:52:25 DOMI Someone New
09:49:01 ROME FORTUNE Leaders
09:45:12 FLUME Friends (feat. Reo Cragun)
09:40:30 NEVER SOL Hands
09:37:10 THE SOFT MOON Burn