Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 13. října 2020

23:55:52 CAYUCAS East Coast Girl
23:52:02 THE SLITS Typical Girls
23:47:11 LUSHLIFE The Romance of the Telescope feat. Andrew Cedermark
23:43:38 CHILDISH GAMBINO Have Some Love
23:40:31 SELENA GOMEZ Fetish ft. Gucci Mane
23:36:49 LA PETITE SONJA Something To Cheer Me Up (The Fakes Remix)
23:33:24 THE PALMS Future Love (We All Make Mistakes)
23:29:46 NADINE SHAH Ladies for Babies (Goats for Love)
23:26:14 MAPS A.M.A.
23:22:27 SZA Drew Barrymore
23:19:14 INTERPOL C´Mere
23:13:28 LEONARD COHEN First We Take Manhattan
23:09:55 NOIA Love Hack
23:07:53 GHOSTFACE KILLAH Blood On The Streets ft. AZ
23:04:50 MEAT WAVE Cosmic Zoo
22:59:17 DORIS PINE Youth (Diamonds)
22:56:34 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Suez
22:53:19 LORDE Tennis Court
22:50:14 SHAMIR On The Regular
22:46:55 REO CRAGUN Not Looking For Love
22:42:50 HELENA HAUFF Gift
22:39:50 RICO NASTY Popstar
22:36:51 YOUNGHUSBAND Waverly Street
22:34:46 LOMELDA Wonder
22:31:19 INDIANA Solo Dancing
22:26:58 DIRTY PROJECTORS Keep Your Name
22:22:37 OKKERVIL RIVER Stay Young
22:20:12 CRASS Securicor
22:14:23 JARV IS House Music All Night Long
22:11:12 LIL UZI VERT Money Longer
22:06:26 GIRL RAY (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas
22:02:25 YO LA TENGO For You Too
19:20:22 WABI DANĚK Píseň, co mě učil listopad
19:12:02 DANIEL HŮLKA Ráj
17:56:34 FEAR OF MEN Your Side
17:53:34 SURF CITY One Too Many Things
17:49:28 DEATH BY REN Hopeless
17:44:05 JÓNSI Salt Licorice ft. Robyn
17:40:24 HIGH HIGHS How Could You Know
17:36:09 SWIMFUL Dove ft. Palmistry
17:32:29 BÁRA ZMEKOVÁ Kéž by
17:20:20 TOLSTOYS Tri mestá
16:58:36 DOMO Made In Japan ft. Mu
16:55:02 EMPRESS OF Standard
16:51:16 CABU Crazy ft. Love Mansuy
16:45:02 FOTBAL Voodoo
16:40:35 KEVIN MORBY Campfire
16:35:42 WET All The Ways