Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 8. srpna 2020

10:30:20 AU/RA Kicks
10:26:24 ETTE ENAKA Paralyzed, Paranoid
10:22:18 DEERHOOF Damaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun
10:15:14 TINASHE Sex With Me (Rihanna Cover)
10:11:37 RAC This Song ft. Rostam
10:08:56 JESSY LANZA Anyone Around
10:03:49 MODERN STUDIES Heavy Water
10:00:00 THE HOTELIER Two Deliverances
09:55:45 CAVEMAN Old Friends
09:51:28 COLD COLD NIGHTS Never
09:48:02 ILLUMINATI HOTTIES Post-everything
09:43:21 DIMITRIEVNA Ferrari
09:38:26 ANNIE The Bomb
09:36:45 HOMELESS CADAVER Fat Skeleton
09:33:39 AIR WAVES Fantasy
09:29:34 THE DO Lick My Wounds
09:26:30 BENNY CRISTO Kemama
09:19:22 YOHUNA The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky
09:14:59 DIIV Skin Game
09:11:28 CLOUD NOTHINGS The Mess Is Permanent
09:05:48 BOY HARSHER Country Girl
09:01:39 AI FEN This Analog Desire (Makes Me Slow)
08:54:30 VICENA Shot In We're
08:51:14 CLYPSO D.Y.S. (Defend Your Situation)
08:45:23 FLOCK OF SEAGULLS I Ran (So Far Away)
08:41:00 JO MAMA Let’s Go Home (Pa Pa Pa Pa)
08:35:56 SINAH Harder
08:32:58 Klára Vytisková Have Some Fun
08:28:43 COLD SHOWERS Plantlife
08:26:04 AMELIE SIBA Tristan
08:18:25 HELADO NEGRO Seen My Aura
08:09:23 ANDROID ANGEL She Is Mine feat Marta
08:05:08 SHEER MAG What You Want
08:00:54 FOTBAL Voodoo
07:56:35 CHALLENGER I Am Switches
07:53:09 RICK ROSS 100 Black Coffins
07:49:11 YOUCOCO Doctor
07:45:30 KID CADAVER Stable
07:41:53 YUKSEK Always On The Run
07:38:31 MEMORYHOUSE Sleep Patterns
07:35:20 AZEKEL The War Inside
07:31:16 PLACES 4AM
07:26:46 THE DRONES Shark Fin Blues
07:21:30 HANDSOME FURS What About Us
07:17:56 GLASSER Home
07:14:57 COMMON Blak Majik ft. Jhené Aiko
07:10:37 GLEB ZOO Gauč Storytelling
07:07:17 HIGH HIGHS A Real Hero