Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 7. srpna 2020

04:51:01 THE ANTLERS Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
04:47:10 AUSTRA Painful Like
04:43:43 PAPERI T Sä Jätät Jäljen
04:39:50 DELS Shapeshift
04:36:40 YO LA TENGO I Should Have Known Better
04:32:46 SAN FERMIN Sonsick
04:27:51 ORBITAL Never
04:24:25 PEPPER RABBIT Rose Mary Stretch
04:21:21 THE PONYS Double Vision
04:13:36 CRYSTAL CASTLES Crimewave (Health vs. Crystal Castles)
04:09:46 BIORCHESTR Plyšové hračky
04:05:18 THE BRAVERY An Honest Mistake
04:02:07 U.S. GIRLS Damn That Valley
03:58:54 ZOMBY Labyrinth
03:54:20 MY MORNING JACKET Holdin' On To Black Metal
03:50:17 ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Today´s Supernatural
03:46:25 DAVINCI In My City
03:42:49 TRICKY Hell Is Round The Corner
03:37:55 WHITE LIES Death
03:33:06 BEACH HOUSE Lazuli
03:27:47 TAME IMPALA Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)
03:23:55 THE BLACK GHOSTS Repetition Kills You feat. Damon Albarn
03:20:09 ANNA CALVI Eliza
03:17:06 JUNIP In Every Direction
03:13:15 LAETITIA SADIER SOURCE ENSEMBLE Undying Love For Humanity
03:10:14 K-X-P Melody
03:05:04 BRATŘI ORFFOVÉ Tunel
03:00:51 KELIS Jerk Ribs
02:57:41 MASSIVE ATTACK Teardrop
02:53:58 THE DEAD WEATHER I Cut Like A Buffalo
02:49:58 2:54 You‘re Early
02:46:48 OWLLE Ticky Ticky
02:43:06 OPEN MIKE EAGLE Dark Comedy Late Show
02:38:30 ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM Volcano (Four Tet Remix)
02:35:23 PRIMAL SCREAM Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar
02:30:48 SHARON VAN ETTEN Just Like Blood
02:26:53 DIRTY PICNIC View Through The Crystal
02:23:32 BORIS Hope
02:19:44 NEXT STOP ART A Hard Rains Gonna Fall
02:16:18 JAMES PANTS Wash To Sea
02:12:14 THE VERY BEST Yoshua Alikuti
02:09:29 JUICE sugar
02:05:18 LITLE SCREAM Cannons
02:01:15 AIR FRANCE June Evenings
01:56:09 MODEL 500 OFI
01:52:12 BLOUSE 1000 Years
01:48:10 JIMMY PÉ Tachyphemia ft. Conor Nutt
01:44:57 WU TANG CLAN Gravel Pit
01:40:13 TY SEGALL BAND I Bought My Eyes