Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 4. srpna 2020

12:35:20 DISCLOSURE My High ft Animé, Slowthai
12:23:33 LYKKE LI Hard Rain
12:12:19 BRAND NEW Can't Get It Out
12:00:35 NEGATIVE GEMINI You Weren't There Anymore
11:56:07 THE BELLE GAME River
11:52:59 FLESH WORLD The Wild Animals In My Life
11:48:44 ILLUMINATI HOTTIES Will i get cancelled if i write a song called, if you were a man you
11:47:40 NITE JEWEL The Answer
11:47:36 BAD RELIGION Do What You Want
11:45:28 DEATH VALLEY GIRLS The Universe
11:44:14 CINDY Never Let Me Go
11:42:50 BILL CALLAHAN The Mackenzies
11:42:46 CINDY Never Let Me Go
11:41:31 HOOPS Glad You Stayed
11:39:43 SHABJDEED Ana El Muteer
11:37:51 BARONESS Shock Me!
11:37:40 TAYLOR SWIFT Exile feat. Bon Iver
11:36:19 BARTEES STRANGE Mustang
11:34:35 SALTWATER SUN Making Eyes
11:34:12 ELI Heavy Hearts
11:32:38 SECRET MACHINES Everything Starts
11:30:26 TRUE BLUE Tell Me Texas
11:30:11 THE LIMINANAS Calentita feat. Nuria
11:28:35 TOBACCO & BECK Fresh Hex
11:27:28 PANDOO Put That Fear Away
11:24:28 TOBACCO & BECK Fresh Hex
11:23:40 HOMELESS CADAVER Fat Skeleton
11:19:18 HIVES Abra Cadaver
11:17:14 GOGGS She Got Harder
11:14:15 FACS Teenage Hive
11:11:22 MJAV Snufkin and the Stoics
11:06:39 SLEAFORD MODS Kebab Spider
11:01:52 SHORTPARIS Strashno
10:58:03 BLOOD ORANGE You're Not Good Enough ft. Samantha Urbani
10:57:16 TEAM ROBESPIERRE Ha ha ha
10:55:00 LORDE Homemade Dynamite
10:54:45 KAREL SVOBODA Létajicí Čestmír
10:52:47 KIDKANEVIL & ODDISEE Zo0o0o0p!!!
10:51:44 DANIEL T. Master Plan
10:48:28 VLTAVA Panáček
10:48:24 MF DOOM Ballskin
10:47:55 LAGWAGON A feedbag of Truckstop Poetry
10:46:06 TEAM ROBESPIERRE Ha ha ha
10:45:48 JESSY LANZA It Means I Love You
10:44:08 KAREL SVOBODA Létajicí Čestmír
10:42:00 KIDKANEVIL & ODDISEE Zo0o0o0p!!!
10:38:13 VLTAVA Panáček
10:37:28 MF DOOM Ballskin