Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 3. srpna 2020

04:00:23 THE SESHEN Unravel
03:54:26 AKRON/FAMILY Silly Bears
03:50:17 YOUNGTEAM Daydreamer
03:48:17 KURISUTARU Dance And Slaughter
03:45:33 DÄLEK Bricks Crumble
03:42:00 GILL SCOTT-HERON The Crutch
03:39:46 SONIC YOUTH Sacred Trickster
03:37:19 OUTER MINDS Gimme a Reason
03:33:38 GRAMME Too High
03:27:55 JAMIE WOON Wayfaring Stranger (Burial remix)
03:24:02 THE DEAD WEATHER Open Up (That's Enough)
03:21:23 THE VEILS Bloom
03:17:33 PSAPP Wet Salt
03:13:47 PRODAVAČ N.Z.
03:11:10 EX HEX Hot and Cold
03:07:50 THE CURE Taking off
03:04:25 SUVI Find You
02:58:53 KORNÉL KOVÁCS BB (edit)
02:55:23 FLAGLAND Sugarcube
02:52:29 READING RAINBOW Always On My Mind
02:47:50 YEASAYER Henrietta
02:43:22 SUB SWARA Speak My Language (feat. Dead Prez)
02:39:18 RICHARD HAWLEY Leave Your Body Behind You
02:34:53 WOTIENKE Please Read This For Me
02:30:58 RÖYKSOPP Poor Leno
02:27:08 PAPERWHITE Magic
02:22:31 DEPARTURES Pillars
02:17:49 CHIN UP CHIN UP This Harness Can´t Ride Anything
02:14:45 KATE BOY Midnight Sun
02:11:23 LACE CURTAINS Police Brutality
02:08:05 PORT O´BRIEN I Woke Up Today
02:03:16 HOLY GHOST! It Gets Dark
01:59:40 PY Ghostdance
01:54:30 FLEET FOXES Helplessness Blues
01:47:46 LADY SOVEREIGN Pennies
01:45:53 BECOMING REAL Like Me (feat. Trim)
01:42:34 CHAINS OF LOVE Breaking My Heart
01:38:45 DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH? We Are Rockstars
01:31:25 THESE NEW PURITANS We Want War
01:28:17 TWEENS Be Mean
01:23:21 LOWER DENS Brains
01:19:41 MATTHEW HERBERT Something Isn't Right
01:16:31 INVADER GIRL Starting Fires (MS MR Remix)
01:13:20 SHEARWATER Breaking The Yearlings
01:09:26 FOREST FIRE Future Shadows
01:05:51 STAKKA BO Great Blondino
01:00:21 SOFT AS SNOW Glass Body
00:57:51 SPECTRALS Big Baby
00:52:48 ZRNÍ Dva (Splitter remix)