Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 27. července 2020

07:31:48 KEDR LIVANSKIY Otvechai Za Slova (Keep Your Word)
07:28:34 APART ASIDE Oh, Tambourine
07:24:51 THE DAMNED Neat Neat Neat
07:21:37 ASH KOOSHA Biutiful
07:17:55 LISA ALMA Fine
07:14:18 MOS DEF Sensei On The Block
07:06:07 STEREO TOTAL Baby Ouh
07:02:43 THE ILLS I Am My Own Weakness, Darling (feat. Dominik Prok)
06:58:50 GIRLS IN HAWAII Misses
06:54:57 CULLEN OMORI Cinnamon
06:51:55 THE STREETS On the Edge of a Cliff
06:48:48 GLEB Go Go Go
06:45:03 ICELANDIA Holy Ghost
06:40:58 BONOBO Heaven For Sinner ft. Erykah Badu
06:37:27 THE DODOS Substance
06:34:38 NICK LOWE Cruel To Be Kind
06:31:38 FOOLK CMYK
06:27:41 CONWAY Sudden Dawn
06:20:02 PRIESSNITZ Anděl
06:15:21 WHY? Sod In The Seed
06:11:52 CLAMS CASINO Witness ft. Lil B
06:07:15 LAVAGANCE Blood From God´s Side
06:03:06 YOHUNA Apart
05:58:20 LEFTFIELD Bilocation
05:54:25 BIORCHESTR Sklenka
05:51:10 THE GO-BETWEENS Here Comes a City
05:47:13 DZA Bullseye (feat. Non & Mujuice)
05:44:09 RICH THE KID New Freezer feat. Kendrick Lamar
05:39:55 PASSION PIT Take a Walk
05:36:51 KITTENS OF THE INTERNET Living a Dream
05:33:44 GRAHAM COXON What'll It Take
05:29:55 THE CARS Lust for Kicks
05:26:04 SUPERHUMANOIDS Too Young For Love
05:22:41 VICENA Shot In We're
05:19:28 REAL ESTATE Talking Backwards
05:15:46 WILL BUTLER Take My Side
05:12:07 RUSS Gone
05:07:46 THE UNIQUES Get Your Points
05:03:06 FRED MADISON Way
04:59:45 TWEENS Be Mean
04:56:27 THE NATIONAL Mistaken For Strangers
04:52:20 FMLYBND Young Wild
04:48:36 OPEN MIKE EAGLE Dark Comedy Late Show
04:45:26 SHABAZZ PALACES An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinitum
04:42:52 CHAINS OF LOVE Breaking My Heart
04:38:12 BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD Happy With You
04:34:52 ST. VINCENT Cruel
04:31:49 LUNICE Can't Wait To