Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 11. července 2020

09:36:10 DECEASED SQUIRREL ON THE PHONE I Stepped Over The Root
09:32:23 GUARDS Nothing More
09:27:16 ARISTOPHANES Humans Become Machines
09:22:38 FEVER RAY Wanna Sip (Olof Dreijer Remix)
09:12:05 TOMÁŠ PALUCHA Romulus
09:09:15 ALGIERS Void
09:05:55 A DULL SET Unravel
09:03:26 CUCO Best Friend
09:00:00 JIMMY PÉ Wacho (ft. Ashley Abrman)
08:57:12 BAAUER Kung Fu feat. Pusha T & Future
08:53:32 ATREY Given Blood
08:50:08 SUI ZHEN Perfect Place
08:45:18 DALEKKO Změníš svět
08:42:00 FLOCK OF DIMES Like So Much Desire
08:37:33 VAULTS Lifespan
08:32:35 CARIBOU Our Love
08:27:10 LUKAS LANDA Hearts
08:23:32 EX HEX Rainbow Shiner
08:17:37 SETH BOGART Forgotten Fantazy
08:14:41 SLK Be
08:10:01 TOURIST Last feat. The Range
08:05:28 FIELD MUSIC Count It Up
08:00:37 AUTUMNIST A Distant Speck
07:58:12 SLEATER-KINNEY One Beat
07:54:14 CLASS ACTRESS Weekend
07:50:43 RICK ROSS 100 Black Coffins
07:46:56 YOUCOCO Doctor
07:43:04 BARRY ADAMSON You Sold Your Dreams
07:39:30 POEMSS Gentle Mirror
07:34:42 HOLY GHOST! It Gets Dark
07:30:09 EMA California
07:27:01 TOKIMONSTA Sore
07:23:41 APART ASIDE Oh, Tambourine
07:20:12 THE SMITHS Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
07:16:26 SON LUX You Don’t Know Me
07:13:31 MARIA MINERVA The Sound
07:09:43 MICK JENKINS Spread Love
07:05:37 THE GOSSIP Heavy Cross
07:02:06 CHEVEYO Summer Ease
06:57:37 GRIMES Oblivion
06:53:50 GOODBYE, LABRADOR Silence Of Me
06:51:00 STEPHEN MALKMUS Gardenia
06:46:25 PORTER ROBINSON Divinity ft. Amy Millan (ODESZA Remix)
06:42:28 PRINCE OF TENNIS Failure Is Art If You're A Robot
06:37:22 SOLOMON GREY Electric Baby
06:34:46 THE FINALLY Dark/Light
06:31:47 MINUTEMEN History Lesson Part II
06:25:20 JAMIE XX Far Nearer
06:21:04 AUDIOBOOKS Dance Your Life Away
06:15:53 JONQUIL I Know I Don't Know