Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 27. května 2020

19:33:25 ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT Cherry Lips
19:28:47 MATT & KIM Where You're Coming From
19:20:24 TOKIMONSTA Sore
19:17:17 THE STROKES Someday
19:13:05 PEACHES Light In Places
19:00:56 RYN WEAVER The Fool
18:46:56 JUSTICE Audio, Video, Disco
18:33:11 THE BLACK KEYS Next Girl
18:22:23 PANDOO Put That Fear Away
18:10:40 DJANGO DJANGO Default
17:57:34 GENIUS LOCCI No, No
17:53:31 SALLY DIGE It's You I'm Thinking Of
17:48:31 SZA Quicksand
17:45:24 CECILY Thinking Bout Me
17:42:58 SLOWTHAI Enemy
17:38:50 BAT FOR LASHES Kids In The Dark
17:34:45 FRANCES QUINLAN Your Reply
17:29:58 GIRL RAY (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas
17:25:48 KILL THE DANDIES! I May Even Dance
17:17:29 MISS RED Loco
17:06:25 IDER Face On
16:58:26 MAYEN Bruise
16:53:18 KATE NV Sayonara
16:45:48 SUN KIL MOON Carry Me, Ohio
16:41:12 DEERHOOF Damaged Eyes Squinting into the Beautiful Overhot Sun
16:35:21 HIMALAYAN DALAI LAMA Night Fall
16:32:01 Ralph Tables Have Turned
16:28:44 THE SNOW Memory Loss
16:25:41 DIVINO NINO Foam
16:16:14 CHROMATICS Dear Tommy
16:13:43 MOUNT KIMBIE We Go Home Together ft. James Blake
16:10:07 NO JOY Birthmark
16:06:34 POM POKO Crazy Energy Night
16:03:07 FROPLES The City
15:32:41 RICO NASTY Time Flies
15:30:30 COLD LEATHER Nightmare
15:26:54 SAN CISCO Too Much Time Together
15:23:38 AZEKEL The War Inside
15:18:10 KATIE GATELY Tuck
15:14:18 FEAR OF MEN Waterfall
15:11:36 PET SYMMETRY Stare Collection
15:08:38 SNACKTHIEF Snaketeeth
15:04:25 BECK Die Waiting
14:57:28 KATY B What Love Is Made Of
14:53:34 SEVDALIZA Marilyn Monroe
14:49:07 CORBIN All Out
14:40:09 NEGATIVE GEMINI You Weren't There Anymore
14:37:20 SILVERBACKS Pink Tide