Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 9. května 2020

01:00:57 HELADO NEGRO Dance Ghost
00:57:21 JAGUAR LOVE Bats Over The Pacific Ocean
00:53:12 SLEEPY SUN She Rex
00:50:44 ZAGAMI JERICHO Starseeing
00:46:29 KANYE WEST Can't Tell Me Nothing
00:42:57 DR. DRE Talk About It ft. King Mez & Justus
00:38:44 THE KILLS Satellite
00:34:51 THE WAR ON DRUGS Taking The Farm
00:30:59 CARLA DAL FORNO You Know What It's Like
00:27:35 K-X-P Easy
00:24:07 DIE ETERNIAS To The Monkey
00:20:15 JIMI TENOR & TONY ALLEN Selfish Gene
00:16:24 PRINCE OF TENNIS Failure Is Art If You're A Robot
00:12:39 MODEST MOUSE We´ve Got Everything
00:09:24 SPOON The Underdog
00:05:50 RACHEL ZEFFIRA Break The Spell
00:02:08 JUSTICE Audio, Video, Disco