Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 30. dubna 2020

18:58:17 BEASTIE BOYS Sabotage
18:29:05 BEASTIE BOYS Sure Shot
17:58:02 THE BRONX Knifeman
17:54:45 FRANKIE ROSE Dyson Sphere
17:50:10 KHOIBA Stoke The Fire
17:45:44 ADULT. Reconstruct The Construct
17:41:27 SQUID Match Bet
17:36:15 SHE-DEVILS The World Laughs
17:33:59 TASMANIA KAMIKAZE White Princess
17:31:13 ALEX LAHEY Sucker For Punishment
17:27:45 ORVILLE PECK Summertime
17:18:12 SHYGIRL Bb
17:07:55 MILLIE TURNER Night Running
16:57:38 HIMALAYAN DALAI LAMA Meditation
16:53:45 MURA MASA I Don't Think I Can Do This Again (ft. Clairo)
16:48:45 NICO These Days
16:45:50 FROG EYES Idea Man
16:41:39 GORILLAZ Aries (feat. Peter Hook and Georgia)
16:35:56 SONDER Too Fast
16:32:28 SALLY DIGE Holding On
16:28:47 THE DEATH OF POP Whenever
16:25:31 SKYLAR Gathering
16:15:10 PINK GLOVES Where Is Your Love
16:11:48 DJ TAYE Burnin Ya Boa feat. DJ Manny
16:08:42 RICO NASTY Popstar
16:05:16 POM POKO Crazy Energy Night
16:01:26 GREAT NEWS Special Place
15:58:43 MEW Witness
15:55:14 YUNG LEAN Hunting My Own Skin
15:50:01 KATARZIA Samota mi nevadí
15:46:17 THREE MILE PILOT Planets
15:35:00 AMNESIA SCANNER As Chaos ft. Pan Daijing
15:25:24 KINDNESS The Warning ft. Robyn
15:14:35 PALE HONEY Lonesome
15:11:38 FUGAZI Song No. 1
15:07:24 PACINO Hlad
15:04:25 LIZZO Tempo (feat. Missy Elliot)
15:00:21 SETH BOGART Forgotten Fantazy
14:56:36 WET All The Ways
14:53:16 YVES TUMOR Noid
14:48:34 THE ONLY ONES Another Girl Another Planet
14:44:54 HINDS Come Back And Love Me
14:40:05 THE STROKES Bad Decisions
14:35:39 VAULTS Lifespan
14:32:33 TONY NJOKU Confident
14:29:10 BILAL Satellites
14:19:49 AMNESIA SCANNER AS Going (feat. LYZZA)
14:10:44 FIELD MUSIC Count It Up
14:00:37 CLUB KURU The Memory Junkie
13:56:22 NICK DIAMONDS The Sting