Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 14. dubna 2020

07:37:27 DELOREAN Spirit
07:33:43 SNAKEHIPS All My Friends ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper
07:29:39 OR Prach
07:25:09 MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY King Complex
07:20:52 BIG BLACK DELTA Side Of The Road
07:17:16 BEASTIE BOYS Ch-Check It Out
07:14:07 DESIIGNER Talk Regardless
07:09:14 A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)
07:04:49 TOMÁŠ PALUCHA Romulus
07:00:44 CHARLI XCX Nuclear Seasons
06:56:58 WE HAVE BAND Where Are Your People
06:54:26 BUGMEN Out On The Weekend
06:51:18 AB-SOUL The End is Near ft. Mac Miller
06:46:59 KENDRICK LAMAR The Heart Part 4
06:43:00 NOI KABAT I Corrode
06:39:14 ANAKVER Phoenix
06:34:24 HOLY FUCK Latin America
06:30:39 LONDON GRAMMAR Wasting My Young Years (Kids Of The Apocalypse Remix)
06:26:56 HECTA Till Someone Gets Hurt
06:22:12 STARS The Night Starts Here
06:19:01 APART ASIDE Oh, Tambourine
06:15:14 WU TANG CLAN Gravel Pit
06:12:11 STEFFLON DON Ding-A-Ling ft. Skepta
06:05:07 VIRVAL Pusu malovala
06:01:48 COUSIN MARNIE You've Been Fooling Me Baby
05:58:18 WE FELL TO EARTH Lights Out
05:51:07 LITTLE SIMZ Don't Forget
05:48:48 SWET SHOP BOYS Thas My Girl
05:44:45 EVIAN CHRIST Salt Carousel
05:41:38 MY DRY WET MESS Words I Didn't
05:37:14 PLANETY Kato
05:34:40 THEA & THE WILD Heartattack
05:31:25 KWABS Pray For Love
05:27:23 BANKS Beggin For Thread
05:23:41 EYES ON FILM Waking Up Dead
05:20:09 BLUE EYES DOLANSKY I Hang My Head And Cry
05:15:48 HEEMS Sometimes
05:12:09 YUNG LEAN Hunting My Own Skin
05:08:37 THE MARY ONETTES Evil Coast
05:05:19 LUKAS LANDA Hearts
05:02:30 CORIN TUCKER BAND Groundhog Day
04:59:41 CULTS Abducted
04:55:06 FALCON PUNCH & PIXELATED Flying High
04:52:43 PUSHA T Crutches, Crosses, Caskets
04:50:06 RUSTIE Attak ft. Danny Brown
04:45:03 ADORABLE Sunshine Smile
04:40:52 YOUNGTEAM Daydreamer
04:37:09 MATTHEW HERBERT Something Isn't Right
04:34:12 KATE BOY Midnight Sun