Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 23. března 2020

14:56:52 LXURY & LA PRIEST Show
14:53:54 BLONDIE Dreaming
14:50:59 PANDOO Put That Fear Away
14:47:36 KILO KISH Elegance
14:42:26 SONDRE LERCHE I Know Something That's Gonna Break Your Heart
14:38:47 SLUM OF LEGS I Dream of Valves Exploding
14:35:15 FANTASTIC MR. FOX You-Turn ft. Kid A
14:31:32 RODNEY CROMWELL Comrades
14:28:03 PALMA VIOLETS English Tongue
14:24:09 ČLOVĚK KRVE V kuchyni
14:21:32 PET SYMMETRY Stare Collection
14:16:44 REAL LIES Boss Trick
14:08:41 BENNY CRISTO Kemama
13:58:47 GWENNO Tir Ha Mor
13:54:47 JOHNNY MARR The Tracers
13:51:05 MAGGIE ROGERS Give A Little
13:46:24 MEN I TRUST Say, Can You Hear
13:42:44 YUNG LEAN Boylife in EU
13:39:42 THE GOTOBEDS Crisis Time
13:36:08 WOODS Tambourine Light
13:32:21 THE DO Lick My Wounds
13:29:33 SHARKS' TEETH Lost In The Cosmos
13:16:56 DIIV Blankenship
13:12:53 R.E.M. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
13:08:52 NO JOY Everything New
13:05:34 LETO S MONIKOU Prečo sa eště bojíš
13:02:09 GALLANT Doesn't Matter
12:58:05 THE KNIFE Heartbeats
12:54:13 SKY LARKIN Overgrown (Dreamtrak Version)
12:49:09 GRIMES REALiTi
12:44:09 FUFANU Liability
12:39:56 JAMES BLAKE If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead
12:36:27 BLACK TAR JESUS Sunday
12:32:57 WET All The Ways
12:29:21 POPCAAN Silence
12:25:41 GIRL RAY Stupid Things
12:23:44 SHUNKAN Our Names
12:21:08 SWIM TEAM Everyday Things
12:13:30 SOPHIA KENNEDY Build Me A House
12:10:22 BEATY HEART Flora
12:06:03 P.E. Pink Shiver
12:02:59 COALS Ufo
11:59:25 GAL COSTA Cuidando De Longe ft. Marilia Mendonca
11:51:02 AMELIE SIBA Warm Burning Cheeks
11:47:03 ALVVAYS Not My Baby
11:40:30 GIRL RAY (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas
11:36:40 PIQI MIQI Move On
11:32:57 LONE TAXIDERMIST Knicker Elastic
11:17:12 CLOAKROOM Seedless Star