Playlist stanice Wave dne neděle 23. února 2020

04:05:46 AMADOU AND MARIAM Sabali (Paul Epworth Remix)
04:02:56 ZOMBY Things Fall Apart (feat. Panda Bear)
03:58:45 JANE´S ADDICTION Irresistible Force
03:55:31 PEPPER RABBIT Rose Mary Stretch
03:49:30 WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE Love And Respect ft. Killer Mike
03:45:27 ANGEL HAZE A Tribe Called Red
03:42:47 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Suez
03:37:58 A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)
03:32:41 WHY? This Blackest Purse
03:28:39 NITE JEWEL One Second Of Love
03:24:57 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Sick,Sick,Sick
03:21:15 FRIDA HYVÖNEN Enemy Within
03:17:15 AIR FRANCE June Evenings
03:12:53 BOBBY WOMACK Please Forgive My Heart
03:10:18 BLACK LIPS New Direction
03:02:08 KINDNESS Swingin' Party
02:53:40 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Spare Rooms (Excerpt)
02:37:46 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Rooms 17-19
02:22:51 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Rooms 14-16
01:36:43 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Live Tapes
01:20:06 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Rooms 10-13
01:03:46 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Rooms 7-9
00:32:39 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Bedroom Tapes
00:17:56 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Rooms 4-6
00:02:36 TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA Rooms 1-3