Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 20. února 2020

19:57:32 PORTUGAL THE MAN The Dead Dog
19:48:07 THE STROKES You Only Live Once
19:44:50 ALPINE Hands
19:28:35 WEVAL Gimme Some
19:25:03 THE BIG PINK Hit The Ground (Superman)
19:11:17 FRESH OUT OF THE BUS Rats
19:07:29 RAURY Devil's Whisper
17:55:28 MOON DUO Mazes
17:52:30 LETO Do oblak
17:48:52 DUCKTAILS Light A Candle
17:44:09 SLOWTHAI Nothing Great About Britain
17:41:31 AMA Slip
17:37:58 GORILLAZ Momentary Bliss ft. slowthai & Slaves
17:33:34 YOUNG KARIN Sirens
17:30:26 HELLWANA Love Game
17:19:12 THE PALMS Future Love (We All Make Mistakes)
17:07:21 RENISS La Sauce
16:59:27 THE VALENTINES Now Im Sad
16:53:54 BURIAL Young Death
16:41:50 THE FIELD MICE Missing The Moon
16:39:19 BEACH FOSSILS Down The Line
16:35:06 TAME IMPALA Lost In Yesterday
16:31:50 MOUNT KIMBIE We Go Home Together ft. James Blake
16:29:23 HAYLEY KIYOKO Runaway
16:26:36 JAPANTHER Bumpin' Rap Tapes
16:22:41 VANISHING TWIN Magician's Success
16:11:05 NINA My Mistake
16:07:37 HILARY WOODS Tongues of Wild Boar
16:04:43 PET SYMMETRY Stare Collection
16:01:10 THE HOMESICK Kain
15:57:56 LORDE Homemade Dynamite
15:56:20 FVTVRE Black Flag
15:53:03 JAY SOM Turn Into
15:48:59 OCTAVIAN Party Here
15:45:35 THE WEEKND Blinding Lights
15:40:45 LA ROUX Automatic Driver
15:35:47 ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT We Are Floating
15:32:38 FEAR OF MEN Island
15:28:19 SNAKEHIPS All My Friends ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper
15:25:06 EMPRESS OF In Dreams
15:17:33 PJ HARVEY The Community Of Hope
15:14:39 TURNOVER Sunshine Type
15:10:34 FRANCES QUINLAN Your Reply
15:06:05 KELLY LEE OWENS Let It Go
15:01:57 YUMI ZOUMA Alena
14:57:26 ATREY Triumph
14:54:39 ELHEIST Matter Of Fact - Not That Easy
14:49:36 MARGO GURYAN Take a Picture