Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 15. února 2020

10:42:31 KRAUS Reach
10:39:40 T.R.U.C.E. Turn Off Time
10:35:38 LET'S EAT GRANDMA Hot Pink
10:31:13 SPOON Rent I Pay
10:28:01 SLEATER-KINNEY One Beat
10:15:51 MICHAEL STIPE Drive To The Ocean
10:12:41 CAROLINE SAYS Sweet Home Alabama
10:09:11 HILARY WOODS Tongues of Wild Boar
10:05:29 KILL THE DANDIES! Things You Can Never Get
10:00:47 THE DODOS The Atlantic
09:57:10 LANUGO Holka
09:54:09 CEREMONY In the Spirit World Now
09:50:16 SWET SHOP BOYS Thas My Girl
09:45:04 CHARLOTTE ADIGÉRY High Lights
09:42:05 PINK GLOVES Where Is Your Love
09:37:25 BLACK LIPS Squatting In Heaven
09:33:17 NICK DIAMONDS The Sting
09:27:40 ATREY Triumph
09:24:45 PET SHOP BOYS What Are We Going To Do About The Rich
09:16:20 YOHUNA The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky
09:12:23 JENNY LEWIS Wasted Youth
09:09:30 DAVID POMAHAČ Do tmy je daleko
09:04:50 IMA TEVA Animal Spirit
09:01:38 GEORGIA About Work The Dancefloor
08:59:11 GENT MASON Head
08:54:37 MIDI LIDI Pojď ven (edit)
08:48:54 THE SUNNYBOYS Alone With You
08:46:43 JOANNA STERNBERG Step Away
08:38:24 MAI LAN Technique
08:35:24 RED HEARSE Half Love
08:30:49 JOHNNY MARR The Tracers
08:26:40 CAMP COPE Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
08:19:05 CAUTIOUS CLAY Erase
08:15:55 IGLOOGHOST Chinchou/Melon Lantern Girl's Club
08:10:55 NĚCO NĚCO Žádná hudba
08:06:31 BEACH HOUSE Lemon Glow
08:02:54 THEE OH SEES Poisoned Stones
07:58:55 ORIENT Blackmail
07:56:00 TV ON THE RADIO Happy Idiot
07:51:58 BLOOD RED SHOES Its Getting Boring By The Sea
07:46:48 DJ KRUSH The Dawn
07:43:22 TARA FUKI Sens
07:38:01 MODEL 500 OFI
07:34:09 BANKS Crowded Places
07:30:12 OR Prach
07:25:40 THE NAKED AND FAMOUS Hearts Like Ours
07:22:39 LXURY & LA PRIEST Show
07:19:16 AUSTRA Beat And The Pulse
07:16:49 BILEJ KLUK The Club SX