Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 14. prosince 2019

04:47:54 MAC MILLER 100 Grandkids
04:42:40 NYLON JAIL No Way
04:39:22 LITLE SCREAM Cannons
04:35:40 JAGWAR MA Man I Need
04:32:18 WHITE HINTERLAND Icarus
04:29:41 PAPA Put Me To Work
04:26:47 ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER Stare At The Sun
04:23:09 THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974 Sleepwalking
04:18:37 FEVER RAY Seven (Martyns Seventh Mix)
04:14:23 TY SEGALL BAND I Bought My Eyes
04:10:54 SHOUT OUT LOUDS Tonight I Have To Leave It
04:04:07 SCRATCHA DVA Madness (feat. Vikter Duplaix)
04:00:57 ATLAS SOUND The Shakes
03:58:19 HELVETIA RyBro
03:52:57 THE GLITCH MOB Between Two Points (feat. Swan)
03:49:34 ATMOSPHERE She’s Enough
03:47:36 SHABAZZ PALACES Ham Sandwich
03:43:21 NANOOKS Edith
03:40:03 THE ANTLERS Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
03:36:42 M? Don't Wanna Dance
03:32:06 GOLD PANDA Snow & Taxis
03:27:45 THE DODOS So Cold
03:24:09 BLOUSE 1000 Years
03:19:19 HOLY GHOST! It Gets Dark
03:15:42 SMALL BLACK Photojournalist
03:11:25 WOLF ALICE Giant Peach
03:07:11 ABOUT GROUP You're No Good
03:03:52 LORDE Tennis Court
03:00:24 ULTERIOR Sex War Sex Cars Sex
02:56:56 GRANDADDY Elevate Myself
02:51:07 SEI A White Rainbow
02:45:49 TEKITHA Walkin´ Through The Darkness
02:43:07 BECOMING REAL Like Me (feat. Trim)
02:38:44 WAVVES I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl
02:35:56 BAND OF HORSES Wicked Girl
02:32:42 ILLE Holka ve tvý skříni
02:27:34 MODEL 500 OFI
02:24:30 AGAINST ME! Black Me Out
02:21:45 SOAP & SKIN Spiracle
02:17:07 MACHINE DRUM U Don't Survive
02:13:08 BEIRUT East Harlem
02:10:29 THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS You´re On Fire
02:06:19 ROCKET JUICE AND THE MOON Hey Shooter (feat. Erykah Badu)
02:02:57 TOVE LO Habits (Stay High)
01:59:03 TV ON THE RADIO Will Do
01:55:03 LOCAL NATIVES Heavy Feet
01:51:19 WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE Fail Forever
01:47:28 RZA Samurai Showdown
01:42:49 THE FOREIGN RESORT Orange Glow