Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 10. prosince 2019

04:39:19 THE BRAVERY An Honest Mistake
04:36:28 JJ From Africa To Málaga
04:32:23 LEO ISLO Oh Dystopia (WLW8 & Pink Gloves Remix)
04:29:50 WOLF ALICE Moaning Lisa Smile
04:26:30 JOHN CALE I Wanna Talk 2 U
04:21:41 COCTEAU TWINS Heaven Or Las Vegas
04:18:31 SAM SMITH Money On My Mind
04:15:22 TEST ICICLES Circle. Square. Triangle
04:12:06 THE POLYPHONIC SPREE You Don't Know Me
04:07:39 LUCIUS Hey, Doreen
03:58:48 ČERVEN Oktavín 3
03:54:41 SERGE GAINSBOURG Bonnie And Clyde
03:49:59 FALCON PUNCH & PIXELATED Flying High
03:45:53 HEEMS Sometimes
03:37:16 TV ON THE RADIO Wolf Like Me
03:33:58 BLACK HONEY Teenager
03:29:35 SIA ALIVE
03:25:34 BULP Moving On
03:22:42 ISLANDS Hallways
03:19:21 GRASS HOUSE And Now for the Wild
03:16:11 RA RA RIOT When I Dream
03:12:43 MAPS A.M.A.
03:10:06 BIG EYES Asking You To Stay
03:06:16 SOLANDER Book of Advice
03:02:11 CARLA DAL FORNO You Know What It's Like
02:58:04 BLACK MOUNTAIN The Hair Song
02:53:45 WITCH HATS Hear Martin
02:49:48 FIORDMOSS Motherland
02:46:06 MOS DEF Sensei On The Block
02:43:21 AFRICA HI-TECH Do U Really Wanna Fight
02:40:34 IO ECHO Carnation
02:36:39 THE WAR ON DRUGS Taking The Farm
02:32:27 MR. LITTLE JEANS Good Mistake
02:29:05 HENRIK THE ARTIST AND KOCHI BOY Friends Forever
02:24:45 PLANETY Kato
02:20:06 BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD Happy With You
02:15:21 HIGHASAKITE Hiroshima
02:11:49 MNEK Every Little Word
02:08:41 QUILT Tired & Buttered
02:05:32 HEALTH New Coke
02:01:29 EGGNOISE Něco se ft. Lenka Dusilová
01:57:10 JONATHAN BOULET This Song Is Called Raggard
01:53:26 RAE MORRIS Under The Shadow
01:49:34 WU TANG CLAN Gravel Pit
01:46:02 THE ROOTS How I Got Over
01:43:30 BLACK LIPS New Direction
01:39:29 PULP Underwear
01:36:24 COCOROSIE Hopscotch