Playlist stanice Wave dne neděle 8. prosince 2019

04:10:03 SHEARWATER Century Eyes
04:06:29 PORCELAIN RAFT Unless You Speak From Your Heart
04:00:49 NICOLAS JAAR Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
03:56:44 THE SUGARCUBES Birthday
03:53:22 DIE ETERNIAS To The Monkey
03:48:32 GANG GANG DANCE House Jam
03:45:12 BUSDRIVER Casting Agents And Cowgirls
03:40:04 SOCALLED (These Are The) Good Old Day
03:36:12 THE BIG PINK Dominos
03:33:29 REAL ESTATE It's Real
03:29:46 BOY SCOUT DUB Droog
03:26:39 FAUNTS Feel.Love.Thinking.Of
03:22:22 PAVEMENT Rattled By The Bush
03:19:21 JUNIP In Every Direction
03:15:06 MATT & KIM Where You're Coming From
03:10:06 FIRST AID KIT The Lion’s Roar
03:06:59 BON IVER Lump Sum
03:02:46 KELIS Jerk Ribs
02:59:50 IYES Glow
02:19:36 STEPHAN MATHIEU A Rainbow Of Moonlight
01:00:00 STEPHAN MATHIEU First Consort
00:09:52 STEPHAN MATHIEU To Have Elements Exist In Space
00:02:03 STEPHAN MATHIEU Abend