Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 4. prosince 2019

16:18:23 FIELD MUSIC Money Is a Memory
16:15:10 ST. BEAUTY Not Discuss It
16:10:35 THE GALLERIA Stop & Go
16:06:21 MARISSA NADLER River of Dirt
16:02:22 LESS WIN Bury The Heart
15:59:03 DOKRUHU Balestone
15:55:51 ALEX CAMERON Divorce
15:49:37 MARIE DAVIDSON The Psychologist
15:36:29 KUTYA Uhlík
15:22:46 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Cassidy
15:06:39 PAVO PAVO Ran Ran Run
15:03:11 BON IVER Hey, Ma
15:00:28 SHYGIRL Bb
14:56:29 BJÖRK Army Of Me
14:53:49 SPACE LOVE Peroxid
14:49:16 DIANA What You Get
14:44:03 RAT COLUMNS Someone Else's Dream
14:39:27 HAVE A NICE LIFE Sea of Worry
14:35:28 BIG STAR September Gurls
14:31:21 CONWAY Sudden Dawn
14:24:28 PARQUET COURTS Human Performance
14:17:32 SINJIN HAWKE They Can't Love You
14:13:49 METASTAVY Národní
14:11:17 MOUNT KIMBIE We Go Home Together ft. James Blake
14:08:17 TAYLOR JANZEN What I Do
14:04:46 KISSISSIPPI Cut Yr Teeth
14:01:40 THE GUN CLUB Moonlight Motel
13:58:49 SHYGIRL Bb
13:55:08 THEE OH SEES Poisoned Stones
13:52:12 LETO Do oblak
13:47:05 CARDI B I Like It
13:44:30 BILEJ KLUK Watch Me Grind (feat. Bloodflow)
13:40:17 IMA TEVA Animal Spirit
13:37:08 CRYSTAL STILTS Love Is A Wave
13:13:11 CAR SEAT HEADREST Fill In The Blank
13:11:15 LA SERA High Notes
13:07:46 BOB DYLAN Lay, Lady, Lay (Take 2)
13:04:11 BOYBOY Afraid
12:57:05 KITTENS OF THE INTERNET Living a Dream
12:53:15 YOUNG KARIN Sirens
12:47:25 TALKING HEADS Once In A Lifetime
12:43:20 BIG THIEF Cattails
12:39:36 ČLOVĚK KRVE V kuchyni
12:34:06 LET'S EAT GRANDMA It's Not Just Me
12:30:40 PANDA BEAR Mr Noah
12:27:02 THE LIBERTINES Glasgow Coma Scale Blue
12:23:46 BROADCAST Before We Begin
12:10:57 BANKS Crowded Places