Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 22. listopadu 2019

17:57:12 CIGARETTES AFTER SEX Each Time You Fall In Love
17:52:37 NEGATIVE GEMINI You Weren't There Anymore
17:49:04 CHILDISH GAMBINO Have Some Love
17:44:15 MATO WAYUHI Hooky!
17:41:30 EASY LIFE Nice Guys
17:37:23 MOURN Silver Gold
17:32:51 RA RA RIOT Water ft. Rostam Batmanglij
17:28:38 PORCHES Find Me
17:17:40 IGGY MAYEROV Ride
16:56:31 BJÖRK Human Behaviour
16:52:57 ABRA Roses
16:47:57 THE RANGE New Lots
16:43:34 SUEDE Animal Nitrate
16:39:19 CATE LE BON Daylight Matters
16:37:03 THE WHIFFS Now I Know
16:31:52 CROOKED COLOURS Another Way
16:28:42 RINA MUSHONGA Jungles
16:25:16 THE LIBERTINES Gunga Din
16:22:06 EERIE WANDA Pet Town
16:14:18 FLUME Friends (feat. Reo Cragun)
16:10:40 JLIN Nyakinyua Rise
16:07:17 HANNAH DIAMOND Invisible
16:03:31 PACINO Břeh
16:00:14 PURPLE MOUNTAINS That’s Just the Way That I Feel
15:56:24 COBRA KILLER L.A. Shaker
15:52:52 THE VASELINES One Lost Year
15:48:59 OCEANATOR Afternoon
15:44:08 DANNY BROWN Shine (feat. Blood Orange)
15:40:00 J. BERNARDT The Question
15:37:03 JUBILEE Mami
15:32:04 MANCUSO Up In The Smoke
15:28:42 PALE HONEY Lonesome
15:23:40 KUEDO In Your Sleep (ft. Hayden Thorpe)
15:20:12 DAWN Honest
15:15:33 KRASIK GoGoGirl
15:11:48 SMALL TOWN LIFE So Far So Good
15:08:27 BOB DYLAN Lay, Lady, Lay (Take 2)
15:04:24 CHERUSHII & MARIA MINERVA Out By Myself
15:00:45 ANORAKK Burning Shoes
14:58:04 THE WHIFFS Now I Know
14:53:36 BAT FOR LASHES Glass
14:51:03 BEAT SPACEK I Wanna Know
14:47:07 PALMA Práh
14:43:11 REFS Never Gonna Get Away
14:30:48 IGLOOGHOST Chinchou/Melon Lantern Girl's Club
14:19:27 KINKIES My Little Cat
14:16:04 BATTLES Titanium 2 Step (feat. Sal Principato)
14:12:41 KING PRINCESS Pussy Is God
14:08:50 SZA Drew Barrymore