Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 20. listopadu 2019

05:24:40 LAVAGANCE Blood From God´s Side
05:19:59 THE WAR ON DRUGS Red Eyes
05:16:12 JOHN LEGEND Made to Love
05:11:57 THE HOOD INTERNET Won't Fuck Us Over ft. BBU & Annie Hart
05:08:30 FLOHIO Watchout
05:04:41 FRED MADISON Woman
05:01:37 EX HEX Hot and Cold
04:58:12 ELBOW Neat Little Rows
04:54:36 INDIANA Solo Dancing
04:51:16 PHARAOHE MONCH Body Baby
04:46:37 THE ROOTS Don't Feel Right
04:42:34 DEUS The Architect
04:39:55 VIVIAN GIRLS Sixteen Ways
04:35:24 MAJOR LAZER Watch Out for This (Bumaye)
04:31:54 VENTOLIN Půjdeme ven
04:29:19 ERASE ERRATA Damaged
04:26:47 THE WOMBATS Kill The Director
04:23:27 RADIATION CITY Zombies
04:20:37 THE POSTAL SERVICE A Tattered Line Of String
04:16:56 BUKE AND GASE Typo
04:12:43 THE HELIO SEQUENCE October
04:08:30 oOoOO No Way Back (feat. Butterclock)
04:03:30 YACHT Psychic City
03:58:52 ČERVEN Oktavín 3
03:54:29 ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER My Mistakes
03:50:49 MNEK Every Little Word
03:46:42 HEEMS Sometimes
03:43:16 LUNICE The Name Dunnit (feat. Troy Dunnit)
03:40:41 CHAINS OF LOVE Breaking My Heart
03:37:28 PULP Something Changed
03:33:58 SIBILLE ATTAR Come Night
03:30:09 SIN COS TAN Trust
03:27:18 ISLANDS Hallways
03:22:43 THE FOREIGN RESORT Orange Glow
03:18:59 MATTHEW HERBERT Something Isn't Right
03:15:31 BEYONCÉ XO
03:12:52 KVĚTY Noc
03:08:19 MY BEST FIEND Higher Palms
03:05:21 LUCA VASTA Cut My Hair
03:02:05 SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS Secret Days
02:57:03 JAPANDROIDS The House That Heaven Built
02:53:02 JIMMY PÉ Tachyphemia ft. Conor Nutt
02:49:09 M.I.A. Bad Girls
02:40:58 NO Leave The Door Wide Open
02:37:54 PJ HARVEY Let England Shake
02:33:41 JHEREK BISCHOFF Young & Lovely ft. Zac Pennington & Soko
02:27:55 SAMARIS Brennur Stjarna
02:24:53 FAUN FABLES Parade
02:22:12 REAL ESTATE It's Real