Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 11. října 2019

14:05:36 7KRÁT3 Tygrovanej sprej
14:02:58 PET SYMMETRY Stare Collection
13:55:27 DANA BUOY So Lucky
13:49:40 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Do You Love Me?
13:47:31 LEXIE Blood Boils
13:42:33 AZEKEL The War Inside
13:39:42 KIM GORDON Sketch Artist
13:34:58 CIGARETTES AFTER SEX Each Time You Fall In Love
13:31:31 KURT VILE Loading Zones
13:18:24 DIIV Blankenship
13:08:50 LETO S MONIKOU Prečo sa eště bojíš
12:59:06 PALMISTRY Water
12:55:35 KATE TEMPEST The Beigeness
12:51:33 HELENA HAUFF Gift
12:47:22 PEACHES Light In Places
12:42:12 THE FOUNDATIONS Build Me Up Buttercup
12:38:21 HAMMERED HULLS Written Words
12:34:57 BILLOW Meridian
12:29:31 REDDISH BLU When I Get Too Sad
12:25:07 BLUE HAWAII No One Like You
12:22:06 LANDLADY Dying Day
12:20:19 BRANKO'S BRIDGE The Rule Of Thumb
12:17:07 TYLER THE CREATOR Earfquake
12:12:55 THE MARY ONETTES Ruins ft. Maria Usbeck
12:11:22 ALLIE X Fresh Laundry
12:08:56 ANNA BURCH St. Adalbert
12:03:23 ICEAGE Catch It
11:58:58 JENS LEKMAN Evening Prayer
11:55:05 FRANKIE ROSE Dyson Sphere
11:48:58 BOY HARSHER Send Me a Vision
11:43:18 BARONESS Shock Me!
11:39:17 SHARON VAN ETTEN Every Time The Sun Comes Up
11:34:14 PIXX Andean Condor
11:31:09 TOKIMONSTA Sore
11:27:08 LIQUID GROUND Amethyst
11:17:56 PALE HONEY Lonesome
11:14:39 POM POKO Crazy Energy Night
11:11:37 WILCO Everyone Hides
11:06:21 G FLIP About You
11:03:18 BLOOD ORANGE Saint
10:59:40 SHESNOTSCARED Shesnot
10:56:04 EMPRESS OF Water Water
10:48:47 MIKA MIKO I Got A Lot (New New New)
10:45:07 HABIBI Nedayeh Bahar
10:40:07 LET'S EAT GRANDMA It's Not Just Me
10:36:46 DAVE Streatham
10:25:50 LORDE Green Light
10:21:00 NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS Night Raid