Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 16. září 2019

23:58:23 JPEGMAFIA Communist Slow Jams - Once They Build a Starbucks It’s Ova
23:55:02 JPEGMAFIA Communist Slow Jams - Show (feat. Lawna Dell Rae)
23:49:07 JPEGMAFIA Black Ben Carson - I Just Killed A Cop Now I'm Horny
23:46:25 JPEGMAFIA Veteran - Germs
23:44:52 JPEGMAFIA Veteran - My Thoughts on Neogaf Dying
23:41:21 JPEGMAFIA Free the Frail (feat. Helena Deland)
23:37:58 JPEGMAFIA All My Heroes Are Cornballs
23:34:42 JPEGMAFIA Beta Male Strategies
23:30:33 LEONCE Dhade Incarnate__original_mix_
23:26:46 ABDU ALI Hyype Beast ft. Butch Dawson
23:23:21 ABDU ALI DaWon
23:19:33 ABDU ALI Chastity
23:16:33 ABDU ALI F.U.F.M.
23:12:19 ABDU ALI Gotta Get It
23:10:10 DDM He Say She Say
23:07:07 DDM Fly on the Wall
23:01:46 TT THE ARTIST Dig (Snappy, Jit Thunderburd Juiceboy)
22:58:26 TT THE ARTIST Pussy Ate produced by Murder Mark
22:54:28 TT THE ARTIST Thug It Out
22:52:07 TATE KOBANG Fentanyl
22:49:56 DENZEL CURRY - Shawshank (feat. Tate Kobang)
22:47:06 YG TECK Wishing on a Star (feat. LaYs)
22:44:33 LINGO NATION Pronto (feat. Bandhunta Izzy)
22:44:30 LINGO NATION Pronto (feat. Bandhunta Izzy)
22:41:48 JAYY GRAMS Baltimore
22:37:32 LOWFi Memory Lane (feat. Hayelo, Jayy Grams & Von Wilda)
22:34:08 LOR CHOC Ride
22:31:05 WILEY On a Level
22:24:51 WILEY My One
22:21:28 STORMZY Wiley Flow
22:18:33 PEYTOn To Spare
22:14:49 PERERA ELSEWHERE feat dis fig sunk in motion
22:09:56 SAMPA THE GREAT Diamond in the Ruff featuring thando krown
22:05:36 SAMPA THE GREAT Dare to Fly featuring ecca vandal
22:03:28 BROOKE CANDY Drip feat Erika Jayne
22:01:03 PRINCESS NOKIA - Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)
21:56:27 PERSIAN EMPIRE She Got Confused
21:50:04 BETA LIBRAE Vegas Nerve
21:45:24 9T ANTIOPE In Hiatus
21:41:50 JONÁŠ GRUSKA Slnečno
21:37:13 OTTO SOLANGE Ako Roshi
21:33:44 OTTO SOLANGE Polar Bear
21:29:23 OTTO SOLANGE e.vo
21:26:05 AROVANE & MIKE LAZAREV Inerp, Blue
21:22:09 ECOVILLAGE Fields
21:18:50 SEABUCKTHORN To Which The Rest Were Dreamt
21:14:39 ANDREW TASSELMYER Nara Sunset
21:11:48 IAN NYQUIST The Divide
21:08:46 OJERUM VI