Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 22. srpna 2019

12:01:45 CLUB KURU The Memory Junkie
11:59:21 VENICE TRIP Look Forward
11:55:12 PUMAROSA Dragonfly
11:52:21 CLUB NIGHT Rally
11:47:53 ANTWON Luv
11:44:39 PETRA GLYNT Fell In A Hole
11:41:14 JAYRO My Darling, Why (feat. Viah)
11:35:22 FLYTE False Alarm
11:30:27 DIRTY PROJECTORS Keep Your Name
11:27:18 EMPRESS OF In Dreams
11:16:55 CHELSEA WOLFE Vex
11:13:43 HILL DUNES Lil Messenger
11:10:15 SNARLS Walk in the Woods
11:05:52 BICEP Glue
11:01:10 IZNIIK Paradise
10:58:19 AIRBIRD We Used To
10:54:55 WET All The Ways
10:52:24 DJ EARL So Cold
10:47:01 THE ONLY ONES Another Girl Another Planet
10:43:46 KILL THE DANDIES! Things You Can Never Get
10:40:48 CYMBALS EAT GUITARS Have A Heart
10:35:10 CURTAINS DON'T CRACK Hands Off
10:32:00 HOBO JOHNSON Typical Story
10:26:22 LORDE Green Light
10:22:34 ARIEL PINK Stray Here with You
10:16:09 JAY SOM Pirouette
10:14:09 THE GOTOBEDS 215
10:10:48 GIRL RAY Show Me More
10:05:51 MINA ROSE Kingdom
10:01:52 NEON INDIAN Annie
09:55:52 BURIAL Young Death
09:52:32 KILO KISH Elegance
09:47:20 PETE SHELLEY Yesterday's Not Here
09:43:25 SAY SUE ME Old Town
09:34:36 THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS No Geography
09:31:30 ISAIAH RASHAD Free Lunch
09:25:35 POSTILJONEN How Can Our Love Be Blind
09:23:03 FLUME Quits feat. Reo Cragun
09:21:12 CUCO CR-V
09:17:48 THE KILLS Last Day Of Magic
09:15:07 PULSAR Spider-man Cocoon
09:11:09 SILVER JEWS Random Rules
09:05:20 WHY Peel Free
09:02:23 RAYE I, U, Us
08:57:34 JLIN Holy Child ft. William Basinski
08:53:42 CHARLI XCX Babygirl ft. Uffie
08:48:14 CARDI B Drip ft. Migos
08:44:29 KANYE WEST I Am A God
08:39:17 JIMMY PÉ Wacho (ft. Ashley Abrman)