Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 7. srpna 2019

20:52:46 SOPHIE Infatuation (The Trenches)
20:51:45 SOPHIE Infatuation (The Abyss)
20:45:50 SOPHIE Infatuation (Midnight Zone)
20:44:22 SOPHIE Infatuation (Twilight Zone)
20:42:40 SOPHIE Infatuation (Sunlight Zone)
20:37:42 SOPHIE Faceshopping (Money Mix)
20:34:32 SOPHIE Whole New World (Big Kiss remix)
20:28:25 SOPHIE Leeds Heaven and Hell
20:23:13 SOPHIE Faceshopping (Euphoria remix)
20:18:06 SOPHIE Infatuation (Lichtbogen Dreamin remix)
20:14:37 SOPHIE Whole New World (Doss and SOPHIE remix)
20:12:52 SOPHIE Not Okay (Machine World)
20:10:16 SOPHIE Faceshopping (Lipstick Gel remix)
20:06:59 SOPHIE XTC Acid
20:05:35 SOPHIE Not Okay (Alone remix)
20:01:11 SOPHIE Cold World
19:55:24 STEREOLAB Freestyle Dumpling
19:50:51 LABYRINTH EAR Humble Bones
19:38:53 MEMORY TAPES Plain Material
19:35:58 THE FIERY FURNACES The End Is Near
19:31:22 SUBJECT LOST Made of Numbers
19:19:09 BJÖRK Blissing Me
19:15:15 WE HAVE BAND Where Are Your People
19:10:54 BRASS BED I Am Just A Whisper
19:00:59 MURA MASA Love for That ft. Shura
18:55:53 BENE & ARAN EPOCHAL Medvedie týždně
18:52:05 RAE MORRIS Under The Shadow
18:48:24 BLOC PARTY Flux
18:44:41 CHARLI XCX Nuclear Seasons
18:34:28 REDINHO Jacuzzi
18:22:25 CAT POWER Ruin
18:12:19 KOVADLINA Podlaha zůstala mastná
18:01:11 KEDR LIVANSKIY Otvechai Za Slova (Keep Your Word)
17:55:56 HM... Balada o očích topičových
17:52:48 DEERHOOF Learning To Apologize Effectively
17:49:16 CUPCAKKE Cartoons
17:45:29 MAXWELL Lake By The Ocean
17:38:47 !!! Sick Ass Moon
17:36:59 CRYSTAL STILTS Love Is A Wave
17:33:07 IRON & WINE Bitter Truth
17:29:24 MUCHA Nepojedeš nikam
17:18:56 KIRIN J CALLINAN Victoria M
17:09:08 EMPRESS OF In Dreams
16:57:34 CURTAINS DON'T CRACK Hands Off
16:51:45 ROSTAM Gwan
16:47:28 THROBBING GRISTLE Hot In The Heels Of Love
16:42:24 SANDRO PERRI Time (You Got Me)
16:39:30 THE GOTOBEDS Crisis Time
16:31:59 MINA ROSE Kingdom