Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 29. července 2019

23:59:37 RAS G & The Afrikan Space Program The Arrival
23:55:38 EVADNEY Take your eyes from us
23:52:10 PIXELORD Fresh Soft 3500 (feat. i61)
23:49:07 LITTLE SNAKE USER1111333
23:39:54 BASIC RHYTHM Nuh Ramp
23:36:31 CHUNKY Vibesman
23:33:29 GAIKA Headlights and Heaters 8__radio_edit_
23:30:46 VERSANO Killah
23:28:29 VERSANO Rody G Fiesta
23:24:51 IVY LAB and Barclay Crenshaw Betty White
23:20:20 PHORA Love Yourself
23:15:49 CHANCE THE RAPPER Slide Around
23:11:47 CHANCE THE RAPPER The Big Day
23:07:05 BJ THE CHICAGO KID Get Away (feat. JID, Buddy & Kent Jamz)
23:02:28 BJ THE CHICAGO KID Back It Up
22:59:08 BBYMUTHA Spooky Mutha Mansion (feat. Ttbby)
22:55:54 JUNGLEPUSSY Ocean Floor (feat. Wiki)
22:52:53 JUNGLEPUSSY Trader Joe
22:49:25 DOJA CAT Tia Tamera (feat. Rico Nasty)
22:45:43 MISSY ELLIOTT Slide
22:43:40 BIGKLIT Go In
22:40:45 LIZZO Tempo (feat. Missy Elliot)
22:36:41 MISSY ELLIOTT Hot
22:32:46 MISSY ELLIOTT She's a Bitch
22:28:17 MISSY ELLIOTT One Minute Man (Remix) [feat. Jay-Z]
22:24:15 MISSY ELLIOTT Best Friends (Ft. Aaliyah)
22:18:28 MISSY ELLIOTT Sweaty ft Missy Elliott
22:13:32 MISSY ELLIOTT Dog In Heat (feat. Redman and Method Man)
22:09:21 MISSY ELLIOTT Irresistible Delicious (feat. Slick Rick)
22:06:16 RAS G & The Afrikan Space Program STROLLING DOWN DEGNAN
22:03:33 RAS G JuJu
22:01:33 RAS G Been Cosmic
21:51:13 PERM Quewupp
21:47:31 ALEKSI PERÄLÄ NL-L56-18-07444
21:41:58 BATU False Reeds
21:36:18 CREDIT 00 Deep In The Jungle
21:30:15 WATA IGARASHI Gravity
21:24:32 OSSIA Radiation
21:18:54 DEENA ABDELWAHED Ababab
21:06:00 YPY All Wounds
21:00:55 GRAND RIVER The Question Is
19:55:51 TEGAN & SARA I'll Be Back Someday
19:45:05 PABLO VITTAR Flash Pose ft. Charli XCX
19:29:33 SOFI DE LA TORRE Pero No
19:15:16 TAYLOR SWIFT The Archer
19:01:51 PAIGE CAVELL Figure It Out
17:56:28 BROKEN DC Summer Lawns
17:52:17 BODY TYPE Stingray
17:48:31 VINCE STAPLES BagBak