Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 24. července 2019

12:07:25 DOMINIC FIKE Phone Numbers
12:04:15 RAT COLUMNS Someone Else's Dream
11:56:08 KATARZIA Z izby do izby
11:52:47 THE KVB Above Us
11:47:57 ANTWON Luv
11:45:16 NE-HI The Times I'm Not There ft. Jamila Woods
11:41:05 MOON DUO Stars Are The Light
11:36:15 THE GOTOBEDS Crisis Time
11:33:17 THE LEFT OUTSIDES Clothed In Ivy Obscured By Dust
11:25:15 ESYA Lost
11:16:36 DUKLA I. P. Pavlova
11:12:42 SUEDE Life Is Golden
11:10:01 SINEAD O’BRIEN Taking On Time
11:04:19 MATO WAYUHI Hooky!
11:00:42 BILLIE EILISH Wish You Were Gay
10:56:31 POVODÍ OHŘE Marnotratnosti
10:50:40 VIRGIN KIDS Cracks In A Colour
10:48:10 HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS Love Is A Cold White Tile
10:44:36 ANNA BURCH Tea-Soaked Letter
10:39:38 DENITIA Waiting
10:35:35 MIGOS T-Shirt
10:30:27 INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP The Ballad Of Remedy Nilsson
10:26:10 PURPLE MOUNTAINS All My Happiness is Gone
10:14:53 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds
10:11:56 KERO KERO BONITO The Open Road
10:09:34 B BOYS Pressure Inside
10:05:16 JAPANESE BREAKFAST Machinist
10:01:43 WET You're Not Wrong
09:58:03 JOHN LEGEND Made to Love
09:55:33 LAVRA Untie
09:52:05 PETITE MELLER Aeroplane
09:47:13 ACID HOUSE KINGS This Heart Is A Stone
09:44:58 COLD LEATHER Nightmare
09:41:44 SMITH WESTERNS Weekend
09:36:03 RHYE Song For You
09:33:33 CUPCAKKE Cartoons
09:29:13 ANNA WISE BitchSlut
09:25:45 PVRIS Death of Me
09:20:06 THE BLACK KEYS I Got Mine
09:16:28 GWENNO Tir Ha Mor
09:13:00 PURPLE MOUNTAINS That’s Just the Way That I Feel
09:07:10 IZNIIK Paradise
09:02:05 BAMBOO Weeping Idols
08:55:30 BJÖRK Blissing Me
08:50:57 WHY Peel Free
08:44:25 T. REX Cosmic Dancer
08:40:59 THE SOFT MOON Burn
08:37:19 HABIBI Nedayeh Bahar