Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 8. července 2019

23:57:34 L-VIS 1990 Ice Cream (feat. Lord Narf) (Leonce Remix)
23:53:36 LEONCE Werkk
23:49:13 COI LERAY Huddy
23:45:05 ANGEL-HO Live
23:41:25 ALYONA ALYONA If I were not me
23:38:11 COBY SEY All Change
23:34:51 COBY SEY Ticket
23:33:19 QUINTON BROCK Rush For Love
23:31:34 QUINTON BROCK Rush For Love
23:28:40 MATT MUSE Ain't No (Prod. by Ace da Vinci)
23:28:30 MATT MUSE Ain't No (Prod. by Ace da Vinci)
23:25:40 WEEZY JEFFERSON Poetry
23:22:36 ATO Still.Running
23:18:42 ASAP ROCKY Fashion Killa
23:16:34 YUNG LEAN Crash Bandicoot
23:13:50 SUICIDEYEAR Spider Feet ft. Yung Lean)
23:09:35 WU TANG CLAN C.R.E.A.M.
23:07:03 JESUS C.R.E.A.M.
23:03:11 JEMAH Double life (Superhero) Ft. Kubowelly
22:54:57 ČAVALENKY Otrepaná Téma
21:52:59 KOKOROKO Abusey Junction
21:48:11 WANDERWELLE The Fire Dance
21:41:09 ION LUDWIG Modern Missing Mood
21:35:43 ANIMISTIC BELIEFS Resequenced DNA
21:29:33 BETONKUST & PALMBOMEN II Bart Is Alone Again
21:23:38 TRIPPIN JAGUAR Night Over Eridu
21:17:41 KERMESSE Le Fleur
21:13:23 GUTS Bougé Bagay La
21:07:56 TOM TRAGO Zeeweg
21:01:35 LEIFUR JAMES Mumma Don't Tell
20:55:11 HELLO MARCEL Naposled
20:43:07 KATARZIA Nepohodlná osoba
20:35:04 BRUTUS Cemetery
20:13:06 INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP The Ballad Of Remedy Nilsson
20:04:26 PAST Krajina bez dveří
17:55:32 TYPHOON Dreams Of Cannibalism
17:52:15 HALO MAUD Du Pouvoir
17:49:07 TAME IMPALA Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
17:43:14 METRONOMY Salted Caramel Ice Cream
17:40:02 MEN I TRUST Say, Can You Hear
17:37:38 IDK Once Upon a Time (Freestyle) ft. Denzel Curry
17:33:22 MERCHANDISE Red Sun ft. Dum Dum Girls
17:29:20 YO LA TENGO For You Too
17:19:31 ROY BLAIR Perfume
17:09:03 CARLIE HANSON Mood
16:57:24 SKY LARKIN Overgrown (Dreamtrak Version)
16:53:37 BURNINGBOY As If It Mattered
16:50:13 ZURI MARLEY Beg For It
16:45:36 LIZ PHAIR Fuck And Run