Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 6. července 2019

11:37:09 BON IVER Hey, Ma
11:32:03 BEACH HOUSE Lemon Glow
11:29:25 CHELSEA WOLFE Vex
11:25:33 RAC This Song ft. Rostam
11:22:15 KALLE Felid
11:19:51 SHE DREW THE GUN Resister Reprise
11:14:15 SMALL BLACK Boys Life
11:10:28 DINOSAUR JR. Over It
11:06:53 YELLOW DAYS Just When
11:03:49 LORDE Homemade Dynamite
11:00:29 PALMISTRY Deet
10:56:59 MAL DEVISA In My Neighborhood
10:53:12 FLUME Tiny Cities ft. Beck
10:45:39 SALT-N-PEPA Push It
10:42:13 FRANKIE ROSE Dyson Sphere
10:39:22 SLEATER-KINNEY Hurry On Home
10:34:02 CONWAY Sudden Dawn
10:30:34 CHVRCHES My Enemy ft. Matt Berninger
10:27:24 PEACH KELLI POP Mindreader
10:25:06 TWERPS He´s in Stock
10:14:45 AMBER MARK Love Me Right
10:11:48 JAM CITY Boundry
10:08:30 METRONOMY Salted Caramel Ice Cream
10:03:31 MAKTHAVERSKAN Witness
10:00:22 CASE/LANG/VEIRS Best Kept Secret
09:55:23 VLOŽTE KOČKU Dvě nebo tři cesty
09:50:52 RA RA RIOT Water ft. Rostam Batmanglij
09:49:36 THE VALENTINES Now Im Sad
09:42:55 PALMA Práh
09:40:13 PRIESTS Good Time Charlie
09:36:13 YOHUNA The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky
09:31:50 MIDI LIDI Lux
09:28:26 KILO KISH Elegance
09:18:59 WATERS I Feel Everything
09:15:17 DUKLA Ikea
09:12:08 WHITNEY Giving Up
09:05:56 CARIBOU Our Love
09:02:20 ZOLA JESUS Exhumed
08:58:24 ATREY Given Blood
08:54:12 SZJERDENE Faded
08:49:03 X-RAY SPEX Oh Bondage! Up Yours!
08:45:14 ALEXANDRA SAVIOR Shades
08:42:09 JOAN SHELLEY Coming Down For You
08:34:34 GFOTY All The Love I Had
08:29:11 FORT LEAN Quiet Day
08:24:34 COURTNEY BARNETT City Looks Pretty
08:16:13 CECILY Thinking Bout Me
08:13:28 BEAT SPACEK I Wanna Know
08:07:11 BURIAL Claustro