Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 25. června 2019

20:57:22 MANNEQUIN PUSSY Fear+Desire
20:51:08 PALMA Starý duch
20:44:22 PALMA Ticho
20:38:25 PALMA List
20:32:39 BLACK MIDI near DT,MI
20:19:37 BLACK MIDI Western
20:12:24 BLACK MIDI Speedway
20:02:21 CARTER TUTTI VOID t3.5
17:55:57 WYE OAK Glory
17:52:37 PRETTY OLD SOUND In My Mind
17:49:46 SUZI WU Taken Care Of
17:43:52 BROCKHAMPTON San Marcos
17:40:36 TINASHE No Drama ft. Offset
17:38:29 MILEY CYRUS Unholy
17:34:48 BUILT TO SPILL Aisle 13
17:27:56 DAVID BOWIE Heroes
17:16:25 ROSTAM Bike Dream
17:06:21 FOOLK One By One ft. Rowanna
16:55:21 POEMSS Gentle Mirror
16:52:13 MECHATOK Day Lite
16:49:04 DOJA CAT Candy
16:41:13 DEVON CHURCH Chamomile
16:39:12 THE GOTOBEDS 215
16:33:47 MOON DIAGRAMS End Of Heartache
16:30:20 SALLY DIGE Holding On
16:26:46 TITLE FIGHT Chlorine
16:23:38 MOIN MOIN Rescue
16:14:33 POPCAAN Silence
16:10:10 KUEDO In Your Sleep (ft. Hayden Thorpe)
16:07:03 BAT FOR LASHES Kids In The Dark
16:06:08 L. van Beethoven Trio B dur, op.11 CR386/5+6+7
16:03:58 DEERHUNTER Plains
16:00:25 DANIEL O'SULLIVAN Penny Rag
15:56:37 BUY HER SUGAR Waiting
15:54:07 LANDLADY Dying Day
15:41:09 MALE BONDING Falling
15:37:37 BE FOREST Colours
15:31:34 A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)
15:28:17 ZOHARA Play
15:17:47 JAPANTHER Yellow Lighter
15:15:12 BEACH FOSSILS Down The Line
15:10:15 SUFJAN STEVENS With My Whole Heart
15:05:09 KHOIBA Stoke The Fire
15:01:36 MARGO The Fascinating Story Of Tsar Nicholas And What Happened To Our Interpolitical Friendship
14:58:08 JMR Closer
14:54:32 KLLO Walls To Build
14:49:36 SALT-N-PEPA Push It
14:46:48 BRANKO'S BRIDGE The Rule Of Thumb