Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 18. června 2019

20:55:14 JOY DIVISON Disorder
20:44:28 VANISHING TWIN Planete Sauvage
20:37:34 VANISHING TWIN Magician's Success
20:29:42 CATE LE BON Daylight Matters
20:19:11 CATE LE BON Home To You
20:09:15 CATE LE BON Miami
20:01:57 WRECK AND REFERENCE Sturdy Dawn
19:57:22 SUDAN ARCHIVES Come Meh Way
18:55:04 BRANDY I Wanna Be Down (TTS Rebuild)
18:49:35 KELELA Frontline
18:46:40 JEROME Jacob Marley-Basilica
18:32:42 KELELA LMK
18:18:42 RAUMSKAYA Iris
18:11:13 L I M Organ
17:59:37 VANISHING TWIN Telescope
17:54:55 THE BELLE GAME River
17:50:09 MARKET Cum Dust
17:45:16 6DOGS Faygo Dreams
17:40:33 WHY Peel Free
17:29:56 YOHUNA Dead to Me
17:21:45 KIRIN J CALLINAN Victoria M
17:09:52 HELLWANA Love Game
16:58:11 SUFJAN STEVENS All Of Me Wants All Of You
16:54:08 CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS La Marcheuse
16:48:01 DEERHUNTER Death in Midsummer
16:44:39 AMELIE SIBA For A While
16:39:27 SPACE ABOVE Fall Through
16:35:22 SETH BOGART Forgotten Fantazy
16:32:10 VEN Take Me
16:22:39 MIHLE Trip
16:15:01 BTS Dream Glow feat Charli XCX
16:05:24 CRYSTAL STILTS Through The Floor
16:01:21 CATE LE BON Daylight Matters
15:53:43 GALAXIE 500 Strange
15:49:01 THE MANTLES Hate To See You Go
15:45:07 EAVES As Old As The Grave
15:30:16 YOO-YOO Pet Shop Boys
15:17:22 WRECKLESS ERIC Father to the Man
15:05:49 PREGOBLIN Combustion
15:01:23 BAD GYAL Blink
14:57:40 JAM CITY Boundry
14:54:04 DAWN Cali Sun
14:47:33 YOKO ONO Yang Yang
14:43:51 DUKLA Ikea
14:39:39 PURPLE MOUNTAINS All My Happiness is Gone
14:35:43 BOYBOY None Of Your Love
14:32:08 DANNY L HARLE Super Natural (ft. Carly Rae Jepsen)
14:27:48 WEEZER Thank God For Girls
14:23:47 HAND HABITS What Lovers Do
14:15:32 PALMISTRY Water