Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 31. května 2019

17:54:19 SUNBOY A.B.C.D.N.A.
17:50:53 HAYBABY Elevator Song
17:47:55 THEY. What You Want
17:40:10 RIOTHORSE Rabbit Hole
17:37:12 REDINHO Jacuzzi
17:33:24 CHVRCHES My Enemy ft. Matt Berninger
17:31:06 THE MUSCADETTES I'm In Love
17:28:23 LABRADOOR Silence
17:11:19 J. BERNARDT The Question
17:01:14 JON HOPKINS We Disappear ft. Lulu James
16:56:11 LCD SOUNDSYSTEM I Used To
16:52:12 SPORTING LIFE Court Vision feat. Evy Jane
16:44:59 TRACY CHAPMAN Fast Car
16:41:11 NOTS Floating Hand
16:36:54 AWALI Strong White Wings
16:33:10 ANORAKK Burning Shoes
16:29:37 SAVAGES T.I.W.Y.G.
16:26:50 DUTCH UNCLES Oh Yeah
16:18:54 MARIE DAVIDSON Work It
16:16:00 TOKIMONSTA Put It Down feat. Anderson Paak & KRNE
16:13:08 SKEPTA Bullet From A Gun
16:10:44 LAUNDERED SYRUP Edge Of The World
16:07:27 FRANKIE ROSE Dyson Sphere
16:02:00 KISSES Huddle
15:57:51 LEWIS DEL MAR Loud(y)
15:53:16 NILÜFER YANYA Heavyweight Champion Of The Year
15:48:08 BROKEN BELLS Holding On For Life
15:35:22 YAEJI Last Breath
15:32:35 ISLANDS Wave Forms
15:19:39 THE VALENTINES Now Im Sad
15:04:05 TINASHE No Drama ft. Offset
15:00:43 SALLY DIGE Holding On
14:56:39 MAJICAL CLOUDZ Childhood´s End
14:53:42 KUBATKO Dál
14:48:15 KILO KISH Elegance
14:42:28 JANET JACKSON Control
14:40:32 LORRAINE Pitch/Roll/Yaw
14:36:41 VANISHING TWIN Magician's Success
14:32:08 VAULTS Lifespan
14:28:22 FLUME Tiny Cities ft. Beck
14:23:50 NO JOY Everything New
14:21:25 STEPHEN MALKMUS Come Get Me
14:14:25 MURA MASA Second 2 None ft. Christine and the Queens
14:11:41 DNÉ Driving A Car While Listening To Bill Burr's Podcast
14:08:06 CRACK CLOUD The Next Fix
14:04:35 POM POKO Crazy Energy Night
14:01:33 GIRL RAY Stupid Things
13:59:14 SALTWATER SUN Making Eyes
13:54:37 DREAM POLICE Hypnotized