Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 10. května 2019

03:49:36 TEKITHA Walkin´ Through The Darkness
03:45:58 TRICKY Hell Is Round The Corner
03:42:04 NO Leave The Door Wide Open
03:39:40 THE EVENS King of Kings
03:36:24 LIGHT HEAT And The Birds
03:32:06 HIGH PLACES Year Off
03:28:17 BLACK MOUNTAIN The Hair Song
03:25:28 JJ From Africa To Málaga
03:22:10 ACTIVE CHILD Playing House (Feat. How To Dress Well)
03:19:13 THE HIGH LLAMAS Fly Baby Fly
03:15:45 GRANDADDY Elevate Myself
03:10:56 HIGHASAKITE Hiroshima
03:06:47 HARMONIC 313 Falling Away feat. Steve Spacek
03:04:04 YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!
03:01:25 RICHARD SWIFT Whitman
02:55:56 ULTRAÍSTA Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)
02:52:06 CLIPPING Work Work ft. Cocc Pistol Cree
02:45:04 TOMÁŠ PALUCHA Homunkulus: Golem
02:41:24 THE FAINT Evil Voices
02:36:53 SHARON VAN ETTEN Just Like Blood
02:32:58 BLOUSE Time Travel
02:29:47 THE VEILS Bloom
02:24:52 HOLY GHOST! It Gets Dark
02:22:27 ZAGAMI JERICHO Starseeing
02:13:54 ELBOW Neat Little Rows
02:10:14 ICEBIRD Charmed Life
02:06:48 TWIN SHADOW I'm Ready
02:03:26 SHEARWATER Breaking The Yearlings
01:59:19 YOUNGTEAM Daydreamer
01:55:18 TEMPERS Strange Harvest
01:51:52 ATMOSPHERE She’s Enough
01:47:37 CURREN$Y Choosin ft. Wiz Khalifa & Rick Ross
01:43:54 GIRLS IN HAWAII Misses
01:39:41 TAYNA Dachmury
01:35:18 CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG Paradisco (feat. Beck)
01:26:15 WARPAINT Undertow
01:22:27 FREAK POWER Can You Feel It?
01:18:29 NITE JEWEL One Second Of Love
01:14:50 SPOON The Underdog
01:09:42 JOANNA NEWSOM Sapokanikan
01:05:40 JIMMY PÉ Tachyphemia ft. Conor Nutt
01:00:41 THE WAR ON DRUGS Red Eyes
00:55:59 PULP The Trees
00:53:06 CLUB 8 Stop Taking My Time
00:49:58 MEXICANS WITH GUNS Highway To Hell
00:46:38 DEATH GRIPS I Have Seen Footage
00:42:54 MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER Some Time Alone, Alone
00:39:26 EAGLES OF DEATH METAL I Got A Feelin Just Nineteen
00:34:10 WHY? This Blackest Purse