Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 8. května 2019

20:56:42 INVT x DJ EARL Work
20:54:24 CROOKERS Briscola (DJ EARL remix)
20:50:52 CROOKERS Scopare (ALEX AUTAJON Remix)
20:46:55 HOMESICK Our Storm
20:43:46 HOMESICK Nobody Likes The Records That You Play
20:40:34 HOMESICK Running On Empty ft. So Loki
20:37:22 HOMESICK Burnout 2099
20:34:37 DJ LYCOX O Bruxo
20:31:56 DJ LYCOX Sky
20:30:04 DJ LYCOX Domingo Abenáoado
20:28:02 DJ LYCOX Quarteto Fantastico
20:25:53 DJ LYCOX Parabens Moh Baba
20:22:47 DJ LYCOX Galinha
20:20:45 DJ LYCOX Weekend
20:15:13 MIGOS Bad and Boujee ft. Lil Uzi Vert (DJ Lycox remix)
20:14:04 DJ LYCOX BBHMM remix
20:11:39 DJ ESTRAGA & DJ LYCOX Barbie Girl remix
20:09:51 DJ LYCOX Bruxo Melódico
20:07:59 S-TYPE Jenga
20:04:59 L-VIS 1990 Caught Up ft. Brook Baili
20:03:33 SAMI BAHA Other Baby
19:58:47 SLUGABED 500miles2go ft. Message To Bears
19:54:06 GILL SCOTT-HERON The Crutch
19:49:57 KELIS Jerk Ribs
19:44:37 EDITORS Papillon
19:40:48 CALEXICO Crystal Frontier
19:36:15 KOOL KEITH Drugs (Switch remix)
19:32:26 SEVDALIZA Hero
19:29:33 DARREN EVE Carnival Queen
19:16:20 PIANO WIRE I'll Kill You
19:01:30 RAURY Devil's Whisper
17:56:26 WOTIENKE Please Read This For Me
17:53:06 THE JULIE RUIN I Decide
17:48:03 REO CRAGUN On My Way
17:39:10 SLEATER-KINNEY Entertain
17:31:28 FAKE PROBLEMS Can You Live With That?
17:28:00 WAREHOUSE Super Low
17:17:17 EASY LIFE Nightmares
17:06:42 PJ HARVEY The Moth ft. Lily James
16:55:05 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Účet (radio edit)
16:50:58 KORALLREVEN Try Anything Once ft. Cornelius
16:38:21 THE SLITS Typical Girls
16:34:20 MAI KINO The Waves
16:29:35 EMPATH Roses That Cry
16:26:23 HILL DUNES Lil Messenger
16:17:04 LIL SILVA Lines
16:14:25 TERROR JR Useless
16:11:07 THE RANGE Florida
16:06:20 MATO WAYUHI Hooky!