Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 30. dubna 2019

14:42:58 MAZZY STAR Fade Into You
14:39:41 BILLOW Triffid
14:35:09 DARKSTAR Black Ghost ft. Gaika
14:31:11 MAI KINO The Waves
14:26:16 ARDYN Help Me On My Way
14:23:21 DEVON CHURCH Chamomile
14:14:30 NILÜFER YANYA Golden Cage
14:10:43 PALMISTRY Water
14:05:10 ANNA MEREDITH Taken
14:01:13 CAMP COPE Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
13:58:33 THE CRIBS You Were Always The One
13:55:13 THE VASELINES One Lost Year
13:51:14 HAND HABITS What Lovers Do
13:46:09 SAILOR & I Leave the Light On
13:42:16 IOANNA GIKA Out of Focus
13:38:27 THE GUN CLUB Moonlight Motel
13:34:46 LETO Past
13:31:54 INSTITUTE Dazzle Paint
13:19:56 CLOAKROOM Seedless Star
13:10:22 TURNOVER What Got In The Way
12:57:14 SELENA GOMEZ Fetish ft. Gucci Mane
12:53:13 HIMALAYAN DALAI LAMA Somewhere Nice (ft. Pedro Caetano Leite)
12:44:50 THANKS FOR COMING Friends Forever
12:39:46 ZURI MARLEY Beg For It
12:34:40 ABRA Crybaby
12:30:00 BLACK HOLE AW
12:27:03 CAYETANA Trails
12:15:24 MEN I TRUST Tailwhip
12:02:07 MODERN STUDIES Mud And Flame
11:59:40 SLEIGH BELLS Infinity Guitars
11:56:15 VAMPIRE WEEKEND Oxford Comma
11:52:54 HALO MAUD Du Pouvoir
11:49:28 CLUB KURU The Memory Junkie
11:44:32 CLAMS CASINO Witness ft. Lil B
11:40:14 JOCKSTRAP Hayley
11:35:31 LOW LIFE RBB
11:31:57 FAKE PROBLEMS Can You Live With That?
11:27:31 SWIMFUL Dove ft. Palmistry
11:23:40 MINA ROSE Kingdom
11:16:25 WHITE LUNG Face Down
11:12:09 TOMÁŠ PALUCHA Romulus
11:07:54 BODY TYPE Stingray
11:03:55 TOPS Further
11:01:07 KAMI Home Movies
10:57:30 KILO KISH Elegance
10:53:15 ANDY STOTT Butterflies
10:48:46 CIRCA WAVES Young Chasers
10:45:26 AMBER ARCADES It Changes
10:41:00 FAUST Jennifer