Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 27. dubna 2019

03:09:46 JENS LEKMAN The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love
03:07:09 ONRA The Anthem
03:03:13 DIRTY PICNIC View Through The Crystal
02:58:42 DISAPPEARS Replicate
02:54:46 AIR REVIEW Low Wishes
02:49:17 TOMAS BARFOD November Skies ft. Nina Kinert
02:44:09 KANYE WEST Stronger
02:41:03 DEAP VALLY Bad For My Body
02:37:25 CAJUN DANCE PARTY Amylase
02:30:40 MODEST MOUSE Lampshades on Fire
02:27:54 KARA KEITH Kick This City
02:24:44 SUNFLOWER CARAVAN Healing Groove
02:18:53 HOW TO DESTROY ANGELS A Drowning
02:15:23 THE DEAD WEATHER I Cut Like A Buffalo
02:12:12 LACE CURTAINS Police Brutality
02:06:53 WHY? This Blackest Purse
02:02:30 M.I.A. Y.A.L.A.
01:57:42 CLOUD NOTHINGS I'm Not Part of Me
01:54:49 YO LA TENGO Beanbag Chair
01:48:42 U.N.K.L.E. In A State
01:45:22 BEASTIE BOYS Sure Shot
01:36:09 THE HORRORS Still Life
01:33:05 FOXYGEN Shuggie
01:29:19 JAMIE LIDELL Another Day
01:24:41 PORTISHEAD Machine Gun
01:22:19 BASS DRUM OF DEATH For Blood
01:19:13 RA RA RIOT Boy
01:15:38 YUKSEK Always On The Run
01:07:44 EELS Novocaine For The Soul
01:04:10 ICEBIRD Charmed Life
01:02:31 TOBACCO & BECK Fresh Hex
00:59:36 ERASE ERRATA Damaged
00:56:38 AIR WAVES Horse Race
00:53:03 DAUGHN GIBSON Lite Me Up
00:50:07 GRIEVES On The Rocks
00:46:29 EL-P The Full Retard
00:43:25 UPSET She's Gone
00:38:50 CHIN UP CHIN UP This Harness Can´t Ride Anything
00:35:16 REGINA SPEKTOR All The Rowboats
00:32:19 HUDSON MOHAWKE Chimes
00:26:42 AKRON/FAMILY Silly Bears
00:24:03 RICHARD SWIFT Whitman
00:20:19 MATTHEW HERBERT Something Isn't Right
00:17:21 OM UNIT Dark Sunrise ft. Tamara Bles
00:14:05 WARREN SUICIDE Fuck Off Happy
00:11:35 THE FRESH & ONLYS Yes or No
00:06:50 KWES Igoyh
00:02:00 YACHT Second Summer