Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 3. dubna 2019

20:30:56 TOBY GALE Mix 4 Turban
20:27:44 HEAVEE Selfless State VIP
20:24:45 BASTIENGOAT Rock That
20:19:06 LOGOS Zoned In ft. Mumdance
20:17:22 FLUME Voices (feat. SOPHIE & Kučka)
20:12:35 SOPHIE Is It Cold In The Water (Flume & Eprom Remix)
20:08:48 PALMISTRY Water
20:04:36 DANIEL NESS Notice Me ft. Shyboi Ness
20:00:57 TOBY GALE Moon Lights
19:48:21 COIN Run
19:40:23 VAMPIRE WEEKEND Sunflower ft. Steve Lacy
19:31:31 DNÉ Driving A Car While Listening To Bill Burr's Podcast
19:21:40 SURF CITY One Too Many Things
19:11:57 DAVID BOWIE Soul Love
19:01:45 SEVDALIZA Hero
18:54:06 TEARS FOR FEARS Head Over Heels
18:50:36 GOOD TIMES ONLY Vlny
18:47:13 GOOD TIMES ONLY Někdy jsme to my
18:43:41 GOOD TIMES ONLY Letní třešně bejvaj nejsladší
18:41:14 THE ATAVISTS C-Side
18:37:07 THE ATAVISTS Beating My Heart Out
18:34:05 THE ATAVISTS Wrong
18:30:30 VENTOLIN Půjdeme ven
18:27:32 VENTOLIN Supersonik
18:00:34 VENTOLIN Disco Science
17:55:31 RADIOHEAD There There
17:50:33 KEDR LIVANSKIY Ivan Kupala (New Day)
17:47:29 VINCE STAPLES Se?orita
17:44:09 ROY BLAIR Perfume
17:39:21 NEIL YOUNG Walk With Me
17:35:40 SHE-DEVILS The World Laughs
17:17:53 LETO S MONIKOU Prečo sa eště bojíš
17:08:34 KOJO FUNDS Warning
16:56:50 JAN BURIAN Rybí pláč
16:52:52 CLASS ACTRESS Weekend
16:45:40 BJÖRK Blissing Me
16:41:54 THE PALE FOUNTAINS Something On My Mind
16:37:10 CLUB KURU The Memory Junkie
16:33:46 STEALING SHEEP Joking Me
16:30:47 JMR Closer
16:26:07 DEUS The Architect
16:17:13 WOODS Tambourine Light
16:13:57 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Now That I Found You
16:10:13 ANORAKK Burning Shoes
16:05:38 HOLLY HERNDON Interference
16:02:28 J MASCIS Not Enough
15:59:59 SLEIGH BELLS Infinity Guitars
15:55:56 HALO MAUD Du Pouvoir
15:50:37 NOIA Love Hack