Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 27. března 2019

20:56:26 MR. MITCH Friend Of Mine
20:51:57 MR. MITCH VPN Ft. Palmistry (Mechatok Remix)
20:49:04 MR. MITCH Our Love (Tarquin Remix)
20:45:42 MR. MITCH Fate feat. Denai Moore (Murlo Remix)
20:42:08 MR. MITCH Priority ft. P Money
20:38:25 MR. MITCH JacobMilo
20:35:38 YAROZE DREAM SUITE In The Moonlight ft. Hannah Mack
20:32:14 YAROZE DREAM SUITE Pixel Dreams
20:28:24 MR. MITCH Eiffel (Peace Edit)
20:24:01 MR. MITCH Dru (Part 2)
20:20:59 PLASTICIAN Japan (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit)
20:17:21 WILEY Eskimo (Mr. Mitch Peace Edit)
20:14:46 WILEY Born In The Cold (Mr. Mitch Remix)
20:11:39 MR. MITCH Super Freak
20:08:07 MR. MITCH Viking
20:04:26 MR. MITCH Oh
20:00:42 MR. MITCH Don't Leave
19:55:16 DAVID BOWIE Soul Love
19:52:45 GHOSTPOET Morning (feat. Micachu)
19:49:23 POGO Wishery
19:39:42 MANON MEURT Glowing Cityscape
19:36:03 SUNBOY A.B.C.D.N.A.
19:31:18 JOHN TALABOT Destiny (feat. Pional)
19:20:48 BAEB RXXTH Gutter
19:17:08 BAD KARMA BOY Dunaj
19:13:36 CHAD VANGAALEN Leaning On Bells
19:00:46 ATREY Valkyrie ft. Dana Jean Phoenix
18:55:10 PIO SQUAD Tváře
18:52:04 AUTRE NE VEUT On & On
18:39:04 LCD SOUNDSYSTEM Drunk Girls
18:35:33 WILDCAT! WILDCAT! Garden Grays
18:24:28 NAČEVA, TENTATO, FIVE Průvan v hlavě
18:20:31 THE XX Say Something Loving
18:11:34 FERGUS & GERONIMO No Parties
18:08:01 FAKE PROBLEMS Can You Live With That?
18:00:33 FANTASTIC MR. FOX You-Turn ft. Kid A
17:55:24 FLEET FOXES Fool's Errand
17:49:47 KAMIXLO Bloodless Y
17:45:51 MELIS Waves
17:39:33 HOSPITALITY Rockets and Jets
17:36:09 SALLY DIGE Holding On
17:31:42 BAIO Sister Of Pearl
17:22:29 KISSISSIPPI Cut Yr Teeth
17:13:34 PULSAR Spider-man Cocoon
17:04:08 LORDE Homemade Dynamite
13:58:40 FAILED FLOWERS Summer Vacation
13:54:11 THE DRONES Shark Fin Blues
13:50:14 CUPCAKKE Quiz
13:46:48 SOPHIA KENNEDY Build Me A House
13:42:50 HELADO NEGRO Seen My Aura