Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 20. února 2019

16:37:50 DANNY BROWN When It Rain
16:34:05 CHVRCHES Get Out
16:30:06 STELLA DONNELLY Lunch
16:26:21 GUARDS Nothing More
16:15:23 NE-HI The Times I'm Not There ft. Jamila Woods
16:11:11 LANA DEL REY Love
16:07:35 PET SHOP BOYS What Are We Going To Do About The Rich
16:02:17 MODERN STUDIES Mud And Flame
16:00:12 MITSKI Geyser
15:56:41 DAVID BOWIE Valentine´s Day
15:53:25 HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF Hungry Ghost
15:47:48 ANTHEMS No Health
15:43:56 FVLCRVM Loose
15:40:46 LA SERA High Notes
15:37:03 THE NATIONAL The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
15:33:27 SUPERORGANISM It's All Good
15:25:26 JAMIE WOON Sharpness
15:16:53 DUCKTAILS Light A Candle
15:14:22 DIET CIG Sleep Talk
15:09:14 THE DRUMS Body Chemistry
15:05:37 SLEAFORD MODS Kebab Spider
15:02:07 SAMANTHA URBANI Hints & Implications
14:57:22 MR. MITCH VPN ft. Palmistry
14:53:35 MARGO A Well Traveled Gentleman Mr. Partesh Having a Drink On The 96th Floor, What a View!
14:48:21 DOWNTOWN BOYS Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)
14:44:59 TK ECHO Fade My Mind
14:41:00 SOHN Conrad
14:29:14 INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS OF POP The Ballad Of Remedy Nilsson
14:16:06 WARPAINT No Way Out (Redux)
14:03:20 LAVRA Untie
13:55:08 HOORAY FOR EARTH Never
13:52:04 SOCCER MOMMY Your Dog
13:49:09 THE DEATH OF POP Whenever
13:45:26 1FLFSOAP Morning Wood
13:42:28 SHARKS' TEETH Lost In The Cosmos
13:33:05 DEATH & VANNILA Moonshine
13:28:50 ULRIKA SPACEK Black Mould
13:24:28 JIMMY PÉ Wacho (ft. Ashley Abrman)
13:20:51 BE FOREST Colours
13:16:30 PIP BLOM Daddy Issues
13:03:05 D'ANGELO Unshaken
13:00:37 SUDAN ARCHIVES Come Meh Way
12:56:11 CHLÖE HOWL Magnetic
12:52:20 ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER We'll Take It
12:46:53 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Mapa
12:43:07 DIÄT We
12:38:18 LIL YACHTY Peek A Boo ft. Migos
12:35:13 KATIE DEY Darkness