Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 12. února 2019

10:54:42 ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER He Didn't Mention His Mother
10:51:33 POPSTRANGERS Rats In The Palm Tree
10:46:16 M.I.A. Swords
10:43:27 ELHEIST Matter Of Fact - Not That Easy
10:36:55 PETER BJORN AND JOHN Objects Of My Affection
10:33:15 ACUTE DOSE Metal Gear
10:27:16 MOLLY NILSSON Days Of Dust
10:24:46 EMPRESS OF Kitty Kat
10:19:37 CAYETANA Trails
10:15:14 PIP BLOM Daddy Issues
10:09:37 FVLCRVM Words
10:04:34 THE RANGE New Lots
09:59:47 BILEJ KLUK The Club SX
09:56:19 JAMIE WOON Sharpness
09:50:02 ANNA BURCH Tea-Soaked Letter
09:46:13 BRAND NEW Can't Get It Out
09:42:52 PALE HONEY Lonesome
09:37:08 SEA AND CAKE Car Alarm
09:32:44 GLASS ANIMALS Life Itself
09:29:10 JAMES BLAKE Barefoot In The Park ft. Rosalía
09:24:40 WIRE Short Elevated Period
09:21:22 KASSASSIN STREET Yeah It's On
09:17:06 HELLWANA Bump'n'Grime
09:13:30 P4N4 Fountain
09:10:43 DJ TUCO Daisy Jukes
09:05:52 LETO Do oblak
09:02:04 MERCHANDISE Lonesome Sound
08:58:28 THE GO-BETWEENS Here Comes a City
08:54:44 NADINE SHAH Holiday Destination
08:50:37 BUGMEN Ghost Acreages
08:42:02 PARLIAMENT I'm Gon Make U Sick O'Me ft. Scarface
08:38:20 KOTOMI Ooh La La
08:30:15 CHAIN CULT Isolated
08:28:03 DEERHUNTER Plains
08:22:09 JESSY LANZA Pull My Hair Back
08:19:38 FOR YOU KATRINA Magdaléna
08:14:32 GIRLPOOL It Gets More Blue
08:11:40 SASHA SIEM See Through
08:09:06 MIKE KROL Whats The Rythm
08:05:10 GAZELLE TWIN Dance Of The Peddlers
08:01:23 DJ RASHAD Wear Her Pussy Out ft. DJ Earl
07:56:55 GWERKOVA White Lies
07:54:28 THE SNOW Memory Loss
07:51:15 SZYMON Medusa
07:46:25 SHESNOTSCARED Virginity
07:43:36 SNAKEHIPS Money On Me ft. Anderson Paak
07:40:12 COIN Run
07:38:13 G?GGS She Got Harder